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During end Apr, I was given a long term usage of this sexy tough EX-100 by Casio, not officially launch to the public yet. Met up with TJ from marketing who was so kind to give me a crash course of the amazing features of what this camera could do.  It features a high performance 10.7x optical zoom lens with a constant F2.8 aperture that gives sharper images from distant shots even under poor light conditions which is what I am contantly looking for as I hate noisy photos which you get from the lower performance models. Being a DSLR user myself, I do hope to find an alternative that I could use on my day off and on events which bringing my huge baby would not be suitable. 
“Last year CASIO released the EXILIM EX-10 to high acclaim as the world’s first compact digital camera to offer a Dual Combination Bracketing function and a 4X optical zoom lens*. CASIO received overwhelming response in Singapore when the EX-10 was first introduced at the IT Show 2014, with even the display units being grabbed up by eager customers and photography enthusiasts.    
Following the success, the EX-100 inherits all the outstanding features of the EX-10 including two shutter buttons fitted at the top and front of the camera, a function ring mounted around the lens, and Casio’s Art Shot function to enhance images with a variety of magical filters. ” Source: Casio

The next few days for me would be in a business trip to Taiwan, a good chance for me to fiddle around with the camera. I am going to use the most idiot proof way to take the photos. So let’s see if it works for me. My first try on the plane playing with the air mode. The tiger logo on the magazine immediately turned into a piece of globe as I focus and snap without using any software! The black and white cabin look gives a bit of nostalgic creeps though but I like the feel of it. The white vignette gave the window view a dreamy look. You can certainly unleash your creativity while playing with the art mode.
My first of meal of the day is a piping hot beef noodle soup. Just the food for the chilling weather, first of all I didn’t expect to be so cooling but it beats being scotching hot doesn’t it. Its effortless using the auto mode to take food shots so if you are a foodie person then this is a breeze. I quickly took a shot before I devour the entire bowl clean and I mean clean cos this stall was serving really good piping hot noodles by the roadside of Shilin night market.
Selfie moments before the meeting starts, quickly turn the screen and pose before I snap.

There’s Shin Yeh in Taiwan too. Just the right place you would like to try authentic Taiwan dishes. Apparently crabs are also in the menu just like in Singapore. You cannot go wrong right? These food porn makes you drool… I am missing Taiwan, I mean the food…

Went back to my apartment after the dinner. Its spacious, clean and comfortable and most of all its in Shilin meaning I would not go hungry! :p

Clean toilets are a must when I travel. The plus point is it has a small washing machine and a warmer to heat up the toilet and don’t leave you shivering as you are dine bathing. A nice personal touch.

Early in the morning, I went looking for the street style breakfast. The rice dumpling, brown sugar bao, soya bean milk and my mom had the “kong ba bao” plus the wheat stuff milk which taste really wholesome. I am attempting the art filter here.
Took a train to Wufenpu for shopping and sad to say that is disappointing. Nearly fell asleep shopping as I could not find what I like.
Too bored till I am trying out the EX-100 Art Sepia mode since this place has the “old days” look. Here’s some of the photos that I taken.

I will never miss out Ah Zhong Mian Xian in Xi Men Ding. The iconic food when you are in Taipei. Taste good even when taken standing up. A must to add the vinegar. The bowls were all stacked neatly in the bin after eating. That’s something you do not really see in Singapore.
Set off to meet my “old” secondary school Taiwanese classmate and of course more yummilicious food! Heard from her that this place has many good reviews and well known by the locals. Not disappointing at all, I was savoring every single dish as its all my first time! Thanks Kailing for the treat!
We matched right on to the infamous Taiwan shaved ice after dinner. We were very lucky as its the season for the mangoes and I love those fresh mangoes, strawberries and the soft shaved ice that melts right into your mouth. Mmmm…
I booked a makeover package in Taiwan and never regretted. Will blogged more of it in a separate post. After the studio shoot I took 3 different art modes of selfies before I removed the makeup. Love it max! For ladies who love selfies, EX-100 is good if you are doing it in a low light condition too. All these taken in my apartment room.

My loots for the trip! Its a far cry from my previous. Mostly food though, 1 bling cap, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of TWD100 shorts, 2 umbrellas…  
Bye Taipei! I will be back soon I promised! 
All photos taken with Casio EX-100

The new CASIO EXILIM EX-100 is available at all authorised CASIO and EXILIM retailers at a Suggested Retail Price of SGD1,199.00.

*World’s first compact digital camera featuring a bracketing function that combines two separate parameters, accurate as of November 2013 based on a Casio Survey.

For customer queries, please contact: Digital Camera: exilim@casio.com.sg


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