Singapore First Float Centre by Actress Michelle Goh!

I was honoured to be invited by Michelle Goh to try out this really new floatation therapy (Float Singapore). I am curious on what this therapy is all about and at the same time excited to meet this beautiful and charismatic lady boss who was a lead in the famous “Mee Pok Man”. Float Singapore is conveniently located at Level 10 of Novena Medical Centre.

I was welcomed by this simple clean decor with flowers, floatation articles and a warm smile from the lady boss herself.

Here’s beautiful Michelle in person!

What is Floatation?

It is an acclaimed technique used that allows for pure deep relaxation in therapy tanks.
History bites
Invented in the mid 1950’s by neuro-scientist Dr. John Lilly, floatation therapy tanks were originally named “sensory deprivation tanks,” and sometimes “isolation tanks.” Over the years the name was changed to float tanks or floatation therapy tanks. Although floating was invented in the United States, it has grown quickly over the past two decades in Europe. Floatation therapy is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or R.E.S.T. for short. Float therapy simulates zero gravity by dissolving Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)with water in a small shallow tank.

Benefits (Just to name a few)

  • an unparalleled level of relaxation eliminating fatigue and alleviating stress
  • offers relief for back and neck aches, fibromyalgia symptoms,migraines, and muscle and joint soreness.
  • useful for managing addictions to food, alcohol and drugs. 
  • ideal for sufferers of sleep disorders and PTSD have been helped by floating as it prompts the brain to produce theta waves
  • supporting meditation or prayer practice
  • suitable for relief of backache for pregnant ladies
  • improve athletic performance
There was a pre-briefing by Michelle to make sure that I am doing it right. I am supposed to push the earplugs provided into my ears first, bath and get into the pod. Photo of me and the pod before I get started.

For a moment I worried about being claustrophobic, I closed the door of the pod and appreciate the soothing music that accompanied me during the initial 15 mins. The pod was reasonably well ventilated. Without the constant pressure of gravity, my body gradually learn to relax and unwind and feel like I am floating in the river. Its feels so ethereal that really wish this could be in Singapore earlier when I was pregnant to relief me of the weight on my back and ache on my shoulders back then. After 15 mins, the pod turns silence and I tried to sleep thru the session. The water has a high content of magnesium sulfate, which provides natural buoyancy. It is physically impossible to sink or to turn over in your sleep. Kinda feel like sleeping in a cozy womb. šŸ™‚ The soothing music during the last 5 mins triggered the end of the 1.5 hour session. Its truly a break from the hassle of our daily routine and getting disconnected from our social media.

My relaxed face after the floating on heaven session. The magnesium sulfate is actually very good for skin and leaves you feeling soft and silky after your shower, and not at all wrinkly šŸ™‚

There’s an area for you to touch up the makeup and blow your hair dry after your session.

Thank you Michelle for this wonderful experience! For those who are keen you can contact them for your first floatation experience at a special introductory price!

Float Singapore
Tel no: 6397 6865 

Email: info@floatsg.com 
10 Sinaran Drive #10-21 Novena medical centre 
Opening hours:
Monday ā€“ Saturday, 10.30am – 9pm


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