Canon Ladies Photography Seminar!

This is my first time attending a all ladies Canon event and thought that as a Canon user myself I like to know more ladies friends who’s also have a keen interest in photography too. Plus its always a plus to learn from a successful lady photographer Ms Ng Sok Eng who has an impressive portfolio under her belt.

Located just right in Esplanade makes it so much more convenient for many. Its also my first time in this cafe and I must say the desserts are awfully sinful just like the company itself which is opened by awfully chocolate.

There’s about 40plus women from all ages who are mainly casual shooters with 1-2 who are more professional. Having a group of ladies coming by together enjoying an afternoon of tips sharing, photo contest, trying out the new Canon 100D as well as the sinful desserts seems like the perfect way to spend the afternoon. I brought along my 5DMark 3 with my 35mm to play along ditching my 24-70mm this time.

 I met a few interesting ladies and Selin is one of the sweet lady from Turkey who blogs like me and enjoyed photography as well. Do visit her blog and read up more on her adventure.

Thank you Lance and Faith from Canon for being so very helpful to answer to the queries of the ladies and letting us try all the various lens that are available. Its definitely a relaxing and fruitful afternoon for me to see how a photography event is being run.

Loving my OOTD black off-shoulder top from Megagamie and mermaid skirt from Far East. Thanks to the black that do not show off the weight that I have put on with all the wine and feasting for the past month. šŸ™‚ I am looking forward to the next Canon event to meet dear Faith again.


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