Hairlinc by Wu Yi Lin- My Choice for Beautiful Tresses!

I took a train to Somerset and it did not take much effort to spot Hairlinc in TripleOne as I cut across 313 and proceed to cross a small road and its just a stone throw away. I was welcomed by a spacious 2 storey loft and felt pampered and relaxed by the space and stylish decor. Not forgetting the the friendly Shop Manager Sheryl and the friendly staff.

More on Hairlinc:

Hairlinc is a new salon by Taiwanese Celebrity Hair Maestro Wu Yi Lin (吴依霖) or Xiao Man (小曼) as she is popularly known. She has worked with Asia’s most famous celebrities – renowned artistes like Zhang Hui Mei (张惠妹) and Wang Lee-Hom (王力宏) and her works have frequently been featured in top fashion magazines. Xiao Man has also authored 2 best-selling books on hair styling and is resident hair stylist for the hugely popular Taiwan and Singapore versions of the beauty and lifestyle TV programme, Lady First (女人我最大).

Couldn’t help but take a snapshot of this cozy stairs overseeing 313 right opposite. Looking forward to how my hair would be like afterwards. 

After hearing many positive reviews on Xiao Man, I am eagerly waiting for the stylist to start. Sheryl was thoughtful to serve me warm water with a personal flask to keep it warm.

The hair rescue operation began!  Let’s see what the stylist would be doing to my overdue coloured and unshapely hair which I came clipped to keep it neat.

Final touches…

All set and feeling beautiful with my new look! Thanks Hairlinc in carrying out this hair rescue operation. You have made me really happy to see myself in the mirror and also looking good to attend the book launch right after!

Before: The outgrown black hair and fading brown before the highlights were done. It was dry, frizzy, and lifeless.

After: Soft, stylish cut, manageable hair with highlights giving definition to the curls.

The stylist uses Micro highlight in Honey blond combined with low light in Lavender Brown to create dimensional look. I was told that this combination also allows new hair growth to blend in without the obvious contrast, as seen when I first step in. ($360)

He proceeded to cut my hair with light layering to bring out the best of my facial features. ($75) I told him I wanted more volume and slim down my chubby face which had always been my concern.

As for the soft curls, it was skillfully blown nicely after the cut and highlights were done. I should be considering perm on my next visit as I have always love sexy curls and its versatile for many occasions.

 More photos showing how this new style is creating a more radiant me.


Before I left, I was recommended the below shampoo and conditioner to use for my new shade.

a) Eva Professional Blonde Color Shampoo: specialised shampoo for blonde hair, both natural and dyed. It contain stone correctors that prevent undesirable yellowish highlights in blonde hair. It contain Goji extracts that provides hair with softness, flexibility and shines. ($30)
How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. 
b) Eva Professional Leave on color conditioner. 
This is an improved version from what we used to have. It is sulphate free, thus less harming to scalp and hair. It is also a color fixing treatment added with Keratin proteins. Its sealing action sets the Keratin inside the hair. Protects and illuminates the hair, preventing excessive color loss and fading. Revitalizes and prolongs he duration of the color in dyed or highlighted hair. ($34.00)
How to use: Apply to cleansed damp hair, avoid scalp, focuses on hair ends. Spread uniformly throughout the hair, using a comb, no need to rinse.
The shampoo is in a blueish tint, quite unusual for a shampoo colour. Much to my surprise, it lathers reasonably well and does not leave the hair dry after washing. It smells pretty good too. I then proceed to towel dry my hair and applied the leave-on conditioner to the hair ends and used the remaining on the surface of my hair to give it a soft sheen.
I realised that these products helped to increase the natural curls and if I were to put on my own curling cream after the conditioner, the curls would stay pretty well, adding volume to the hair. Thus, it kinda worked well together.

Look out for my next expedition with Hairlinc ! 

Hairlinc is located at:
111, Somerset Road

TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164
T: +65 9179 3510 / +65 6836 3510
Opening hours
Mon – Sat : 10.30 am – 8:30 pm
Sun and PH: 10.30 am – 5.30 pm

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