Special Thanks to Beautify Nails for Acrylic Nails/Pedicure Sponsorship for Msbabelovebebes Attendance in Mrs Singapore 2015 finals

I first came across Beautify Nails from one of my friend Abigail. I fell in love with her dainty yet sophisticated design. Thus I was pretty excited when Venessa from agreed to be my sponsor for this important event. To me, the crucial thing about a nail business is the skills, creativity and able to understand what your client is looking for.

Beautify Nails is a simple home based business ran by a young lady Venessa who’s have this keen eye for nails. She graduated at Top to Toe & worked in a salon for a year before she started this business.

She gave me an Acrylic Sculptured Extension With Nail Art full of crystals. It drove me crazy as I am someone who loved blings. Firstly, she started with cuticles care, sculpture my nails with Ezflow & Ons then coloured with Ace Gel. She communicated with me before deciding what would be the most suitable bling level for me and since I am someone who loves drama, she gave me Chio Bling added with Swarovski crystals. She sealed it further to prevent from damage or dropping off and lastly with cuticle care oil to moisture the nails.

Total time spent was 100mins for my bling nails.

Gelish pedicure process with cuticle care, shape takes only 15mins.

Venessa said that it could last at least a good 3 to 4 weeks! I am amazed. The cost of this Acrylic Sculptured Extension starts from $80. If you love blings and sophisticated dramatic design like me, you just have to add on $60-$80. That’s really reasonable compared to what you get outside.

Beautify Nails rates!             Other salons
Gelish Manicure  $30            >$60

Gelish pedicure    $30            >$60

Tip extension       $60            >$100 without design

*inclusive of cuticle care.

Why Beautify Nails ?

  • Professional services and beautiful nails
  • You pay less cos no salon rental fee
  • Convenient for those staying in the west/north
  • Quality brands used like Ace Gel, Angelpro, Harmony, Opi, Ezflow , Ons,Orly from Korea, Japan & USA. 

Picture speaks a thousand words. Just scroll down for more close up shots of the nails done to match with my gown. Today at 3 weeks after the extension is down, its still looking every bit the same! I am certainly impressed!


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