Exclusive GetKlarity First Community Meetup at Kris by MENCE

Thank you GetKlarity for your invite to your first community meetup. 
GetKlarity is a leading beauty and wellness app created to help you book the best spas and salons, at exclusive prices. Barely 6 months into their launch, they have attracted over 20,000 beauty and wellness lovers to their sites. Download their mobile app and make your booking from the network of more than 120 spa outlets and reading GetKlarity Magazine.
Its always good to put a face to the name especially I have been receiving all the emails from her for months. Here is Co-Founder Joelle Pang from GetKarity! She was wearing a floral dress from Rent A Dress.
I believe in empowering people to be confident, through the way they look and how they feel about themselves. My vision for GetKlarity is to make taking care of yourself so easy it fits right into your busy schedule, by creating a platform that takes the guess-work out of discovering the best spas and salons, and empowering you to book them instantly so that you always get to look and feel your best.” – Joelle Pang, Co-Founder of GetKlarity
GetKlarity Editor-in-chief Yina who was a former graphic artist/illustrator turned online boutique owner thevelvetdolls  and amazing blogger. She is an inspiration to many young ladies out there and newly wed. Wishing you blessed marriage my dear.
Another power lady is Ms Kris Han herself, the director of Kris by MENCE. Looking at her slim silhouette, small waist and toned body makes any woman envy. Can you tell that she is a mummy of 2 kids? Gosh… 

Kris by MENCE is located right at Robinson Point Level 7. I was welcome by the clean white decor with the smiley staff at the counter.

Display of some of the products to compliment the slimming and facial done here.

Thanks to the staff of GetKlarity who were kind enough to arrange some very healthy snacks as most of us either rushed here from meetings or from our office. My personal favourite is the wrap!

As you could tell from the earlier photos, I was one of the earliest to have arrived. I was told that I could do a free body analysis from this smart device here that would tell you loads about your body status besides the height and weight of course. Start with weighing myself and I am like… I put on 1.5kg! Its time I go on a detox. Got to slap myself for indulging with all the yummy food from the events that I went. Reminder check, exercise moderation and choice of food!

After taking the weight and height, all you need to do is to drip firmly to this handle and guess what, it would be able to tell the amount of fats you have in your organs and based on certain indicators to advice you which area you need to take note. I am so impressed. My readings show that my fats level was below the average and all in healthy levels. Really must attribute to my regular health supplements, detox and choice of food but till I am determine to lost that 1.5kg! Go go go!

A perk me up after the body analysis will be this ring light flash. I have always played with lights during my photography assignments so ring light is nothing new but I certainly still love this ring light feature for an instant shoot. There will be 4 shots taken and converted into a gif file which you could email to yourself.

I had so much fun playing with this that I tried another round with the IG border since I am the early bird. It pays to be early doesn’t it. Check out my photos towards the end of the blog.

Together with Jayelle and Giuseppe, the founders of @phootprint_sg

Before the sharing starts, selfie time is a must!

If you are wondering where to get that dress for your next event without burning a hole in your pocket then consider renting one at an affordable price from Rent A Dress. Meet this sweet lady Shuen Chiu who is the founder and CEO of Rent A Dress.

I discovered a film photography enthusiast within the crowd and coincidentally he is the General Manager, Jonash Wee of the popular couple app Between. In case you are not sure what is it, Between is a private space where you can share each moment only with that special someone.

The sharing commenced in a spacious couple room with Joelle giving the opening speech on how GetKlarity came about.  Every of the services in GetKlarity had been verified for its service to give the most positive experience to the users. The IOS and Andriod version had been newly launched so go on and try it out now.

GetKlarity Editor-in-chief Yina sharing on how she was invited on board and how she progress to pursue her dreams. A very friendly and approachable lady as I got a chance to chat with her during the event.

National Swimmer and gold-medalist at the recent SEA Games 2015, Pang Sheng Jun talked about his 6 years struggles before he achieved his first win in 2015. His resilience to succeed and family support went a long way. I was closed to tears by the time he finished.  He followed on to share on how he started to blog and honestly I am proud that he represented Singapore! Go on to his blog and read all about his motivating journey.

Mr Jonash Wee, General Manager of Between, which is an international mobile application developed by VCNC that allows couples to create, share, and remember all their special moments in a private space, which has seen over 130,000 downloads in Singapore alone.  He went on to share on how couples interact and how breakups are managed.

Sharing on how to eat healthily and staying in shape by complimenting with the treatments done in Kris by MENCE. Ms Joanne Ho from Brand Cellar still looking so radiant despite her state in  going to pop her angel anytime.

Wefies with the ambassadors of GetKlarity! The advantage of being ambassadors are they looked good after all those spas and facials trials!

My turn to try out the toning machine… The two friendly staff from Kris by MENCE helping me.

The purpose of these two locations were supposed to toned your muscles.

Look carefully and see if you could spot my muscles jumping. 

Next I wanted to try the bottom arms to feel how its like to firm up my flabby arms. I wonder if my arms will shake loosely with all the vibrating.

Its not too bad. Cannot wait to come back another day to try on my arms and tummy. Its not uncomfortable at all and comes in different vibrating frequency modes for added effectiveness.

Final wefies before we all left for the night. Thank you GetKlarity  for the enjoyable evening!




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