Media Launch ‘The Search for True Love’ by Ex-Mediacorp Peter Yu

Special Thanks to The Search for True Love for giving me the exclusive rights to interview the cast on 26 July 2015. 

This is not an easy blog entry for me to write on as it touches on fatherly love. Bear with me as I share some of my experiences. I came from a family whereby my dad was the dominant decision maker and has a strong sense of pride. Being a MCP also dictates a very strict childhood for me. I was closer to my mom and became very much independent in order to keep out of his way. Maybe in that era that’s how father figure should be. I am a passionate child dying to have more attention and engagement.

“Numerous studies find that an active and nurturing style of fathering is associated with better verbal skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement among adolescents.” Source: Psychology Today I have witness many hands-on daddies around me and I am happy that they are contributing to create more confident and happy kids.

I didn’t witness much fatherly love from my ex-hubby as he’s also another classic example of MCP and to make it worse a violent temper gambler and my decision to move on after 8 unhappy years. He had made this separation ugly by trying to jeopardise my life in all ways and nearly driving me to even think that life is tough to continue further.

I have to thank him though as it is him who had also made me an even stronger and independent woman of what I am today. I am proud I went through this phase with true friends and my family who was with me all these while.

I need to thank god (though I am free thinker despite praying as and when plus holding joss sticks in temple) for putting me on trials through the years filling my heart with love, compassion and the drive to help others in need through engaging in volunteer work whenever I could. It led me to be a mummy I never dreamt I would be, loving my kids wholeheartedly even sacrificing my life for them. However, it still pained me at times for the fatherly love which I wanted to experience but never got a chance to.

This musical would be as close as I could get to witness fatherly love. One of the main cast of the musical Peter Yu, a freelance artiste and taxi-driver mentioned how the story parallel his life as he was also given a second chance after his wrongdoings and like to use this musical for Singaporeans to watch him and understand more about love and life as a whole.

The Search for True Love musical in Brief:
Ex-Mediacorp artiste Peter Yu will play a forgiving dad, along popular artistes like Xiahui and Wallace Ang in the upcoming musical production ‘The Search for True Love’ on 26th July 2015, 7.30pm at the Drama Centre Theatre, National Library.

This play will be Yu’s second stage play, after a ten – year break from full-time acting. The production, managed by New Strings Ministry, will explore the notions of love, kinship and forgiveness. Peter Yu’s son, played by Mediacorp Radio Love 97.2FM’s DJ Wallace Ang, will face his greatest tribulation as he dabbles into some untouched boundaries. Set in the 70s, theatre patrons will get a chance to relive the iconic settings of popular hang-out places like the Kopi-Tiam and Cabaret.

Other cast includes Xiahui, popular veteran singer, Dennis Toh, ex-Star Search 2001 finalist & media Personality and Jacky Chew, Singer who recently launched his music album.

From left: Mr.Eric Tanoto(Assistant Producer), Ms. Liza Foong(Producer), myself and Mr. Peter Yu

Mr. Dennis Toh, ex-Star Search 2001 finalist & media Personality was the host for the event and conducted the whole session in a flow of beautiful spoken Mandarin.

Let’s get started!

From left: Ms. Liza Foong, Ms Xiahui, Mr. Wallace Ang and Mr. Peter Yu

Wallace Ang, Mediacorp Love 97.2 FM DJ, who is acting as the son of Peter Yu, said ‘I am glad to have embarked on this musical journey of love, life, regret and redemption. Hope you’ll join me in this incredibly enriching experience’.

Peter Yu, a freelance artiste and taxi-driver said ‘I am indeed very honored to be invited to be part of this musical production. The story, in a way, parallels my life as I was also given a second chance after my wrongdoings. This is my second time dabbling myself into stage acting and I must say I am loving every bit of it. I hope Singaporeans will give me another chance to watch me on this set and understand more about love and life as a whole’.

Liza Foong, Director and Producer from New String Ministry commented ‘It has been a rough journey putting this stage play together. The actors and crew are not exactly full-time performers. However, we were able to put our act together simply because of the cause we believe; Love trescends everything and we hope to share with our audience about its importance.

Ms. Xiahui, popular veteran singer, found that its fun as she is playing the angel with many different roles. Its a refreshing experience compared to the normal sad dramas she acted in. She also shared that there would be many oldies sang in the cabaret scene like 烧肉粽。That would definitely bring back beautiful memories for many.

Ms. Liza Foong gave us a beautiful prelude of the song 回心转意 with her sweet voice.

The full cast and supporting crew of the musical.

I am glad to have a chance to take a photo with the amazing team!

After the group photo its gonna be all the wefies galore! Ms Liza Foong and me! We first met when she was checking Pasta Fresca to confirm the venue for this media launch. We hit it off really well and she was so kind to text me to come by though I didn’t receive it due to the wrong number stored. Still she’s every bit a sweet lady. I was so happy to see her again then we had to give each other a huge hug.

Camera shy Mr. Eric Tanoto who mentioned that he thought of the script and song lyrics all in the presence of water which was bathing and over a cup of drink. He’s such a talented individual!
Who says the older generation could not do good selfies. Ms. Xia Hui looked great with the right angles here. 
Ms. Shane Neo who was also part of the cast with her beautiful daughter. Coincidentally she is also Ms. Xiahui’s daughter-in-law. Talents do run in the family. 🙂
Its always good to put a real face besides just being friends on Facebook. Having a shot with multi-talented Mr. Dennis Toh who’s also the Director of The Influencer Network managing the publicity of this musical. Thank you for the media invite to this event too!
Do support Dennis’s venture with your friends at  Feet Haven  for a relaxing foot massage!

I was so excited to be taking photo with Jackie Chew who was the local singer-songwriter, looking so hiphop with his attire today!

Together with Mr. William Tan, Manager (Blogger/Talent Management & Engagement of The Influencer Network) . He helms the The Influencer Talent Division taking care of 30 Celebrity Bloggers and 170 Super Influencers.  I am so honoured to be standing together with this amazing young lad. Needs more tips from you on blogging William!

Mr. Gerald Png, Digital Strategist and TIN Influencer from The Influencer Network never fail to surprise me with his interesting styling sense. The very person to ask where the best Teochew porridge is!

Its a musical not to be missed and definitely a must go to spend bonding moments with your family! I would be bringing my mom and my kids to the musical too!

Details about ‘The Search for True Love
Date: 26th July 2015, Sunday
Venue: National Library, Drama Centre Theatre
Address: 3/F National Library, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets are available in $48, $58, $68, $88, $100

Tickets are available through hotline: 98230100


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