Pond’s Age Miracle Range with Michelle Chong!

When I first got invited for this event, I was curious to find out how this brand used by my mom years back had progress with a new young ambassador.

Pond’s, the global skincare brand with more than 160 years of expertise, today announces multi-talented award-winning local artiste, Michelle Chong as the latest ambassador for the Pond’s Age Miracle range. This is part of the brand’s new campaign -“Love your Expressions, Lose your Lines”, that celebrates the woman who expresses herself with confidence and lives every moment to the fullest no matter the age. Ever ready to express herself through different roles – actress, director, host and writer, Michelle Chong embodies the woman that Pond’s aims to reach out to.

The brand believes that aging should not be a factor that prevents women from embracing new challenges and living life to the fullest. Complementing the campaign is the complete skincare regime from the Pond’s Age Miracle range aimed at combating expression lines – the first signs of aging.

Pond’s Age Miracle range formulated to take care of your expression lines
Powered by the ongoing commitment and promise to “Look up to 10 years younger”, Pond’s  Institute created a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging – a potent combination of six Youth Enhancing Bio-Actives: two Retinol boosters, AHA, Glycerin, CLA and Retinol. The result is a multi-tasking formulation that works to correct expressions lines by 27%. The bio-actives also work to repair the skin, enhance collagen and new cells production, and boost skin’s moisture from within.

*In a clinical study done with 131 women, 81% saw improvement in reduction of fine lines, 84% for skin elasticity and 98% feels that skin is nourished

The turnout was fantastic despite being on a Sunday after on 18 July at SPH Auditorium.

Started with sharing by a consultant Dermatologist Dr Wong Soon Tee on how to best protect your skin and the alternatives available to enhance our ageing features in Chinese. Loads of questions was thrown to him after the segment.

More sharing from Pond’s on the latest Age Miracle Range.

Everyone busy trying out the samples given out as the talk was going on.

Bloggers wefies! We had fun fun fun!

Ms Carina Chan from the PR company managing Pond’s. She is a little sweetie who kept the bloggers well taken care of during the event.

After the break, time to learn how to dress up by an image specialist.

The main sharing sharing by Michelle Chong. She comments, “I am thrilled to be working with Pond’s on this campaign. The proposition speaks to me because I am someone who expresses my thoughts and emotions freely be it happy or sad. Even when I play out my characters from Lulu to Barberella on television, I also rely a lot on my expressions rather than make-up or costume changes to bring their personalities to life.”

“Through this collaboration with Pond’s, I learnt that every expression can age us a little faster each day, with expression lines being the first sign of permanent wrinkles forming beneath the skin. Since embarking on the Pond’s Age Miracle journey, I feel that my skin has become smoother – my laugh lines especially are less visible and firmer. I am also getting compliments from my family and friends that there is a permanent glow on me even when I am without make-up! This is definitely an added boost of confidence for me!” she added.

Michelle Chong’s Pond’s Age Miracle must-haves 

I. Dual Action Eye Cream – This targets specific problem areas around the eyes. The Dual Action Eye Cream contains a pink cream with cell boosting Collagen that helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet and a white cream containing CLA to reduce puffiness and dark circles while stimulating the skin to instantly brighten tired-looking eyes.

Retails at $29.90 for 20g.

II. Cell ReGEN™ Day Cream SPF 15 PA++ (For combination/dry skin) – Containing the five actives CLA, AHA Retinol, Glycerine and 2 Retinol boosters, this velvety, luxurious cream renews skin fast and intelligently targets wrinkles, fine lines and age spots, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and bouncy skin.
Retails at $29.90 for 50g.
III. Deep Action Night Cream – Designed to intensely accelerate the renewal process at night, when cells’ regeneration potential is at the peak, this rich creamy texture melts into the heart of the skin – resulting in a skin that is silky smooth and luxuriously soft the next day.
Retails at $29.90 for 50g.

My personal favourite from the event:

Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Massager
This fast-acting treatment roll-on is infused with the advanced InstantLift™ Complex, hydrolysed Collagen and Lipodipeptide aimed at specific areas around the Y-Contour. Presented with a unique cooling massage applicator, this breakthrough discovery helps to precisely target areas around the jawline and neck to achieve a Y-shape silhouette to achieve an overall youthful fix. Retails at $49.90 for 25ml.

Reason: Application, massage and lift all at the same time!

Cannot wait to try the products given in the goody bag and end up spotting with great skin like Michelle Chong!

The Pond’s Age Miracle range consists of seven products: Cell ReGen Facial Foam, Cell ReGen Milky Toner, Dual Action Eye Cream, Cell ReGen Day Cream SPF 15 PA++, Deep Action Night Cream, Firm & Lift Face & Neck Lifting Cream SPF 30PA++, Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Massager.

The products are now available at selected shopping malls (Bugis BHG and Centrepoint), supermarkets (Cold Storage, Mediya), Giant Hypermart and Guardian pharmacies.


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