Kakis Weekend Breakfast Media Tasting Session with Kids!

Family we-fie time with my dearest angels! Thank you June for your kind invitation to this media breakfast event. 
It is located at 289 Farnborough Road, Singapore 509747. I woke up early with my kids and took a cab down. Located far end near the Changi Village. It is a breakaway from the hustle of the city and a place to relax your eyes with fresh air with all the greenery surrounding. 
Kakis was founded on the basis of Friendship and Family.

It started as an idea to have all great friends gather at a perfect getaway location to have a good time. When the right opportunity presented itself, Kakis Bistro & Bar was re-launch in November 2013, dug in deep, put down roots in Changi Village, within a Plant Nursery (Greenology) and sprouted its first set of true leaves.

There were many families invited and the kids were happily running about with parents catching up with each other sharing parenting tips and enjoying the breakfast menu as it were being served.

As snapshot of what you could expect for your breakfast, the selection comprised of both western and local favorites. The kids would love the cutie teddy pancake served with berries and maple syrup. The drinks are the traditional coffee shop selection. The iced Milo are a definite favourite among the kids though. I kinda like the detox infused fruit drinks who I would recommended anyone who’s keen in a healthier choice to try it and you be spoilt for choice!

The milo was done with milo concentrate, fresh milk and later placed into a shaker with ice to give it a more blended and richer taste. Apparently, these three cups are for my angels! Guess what I drank on this early morning?

Veera from Kakis welcoming us to the event and sharing how the place was built from scratch. To me its a feat to do so!

My first drink of the day, I know its seemed really too early but I am tempted to try their Lime Margarita which was my personal favorite everywhere I go. Took a sip and found it would be perfect if its frozen. Alright… I am not starting to sing.. “Let it goooo….”

Healthy nuts with the daily papers, that’s a point scorer as usually the nuts given are the simpler peanuts/mixed nuts alternative.

Happy moments = happy kids. Waiting for the food to be served…

Rosti with Jumbo Hotdog $11: I did not get taste the Rosti as they run out of it. The hotdog was tasty though as I had no problem bugging the kids to finish up and they were running back for more.

Gardener’s Big Breakfast $12: Its a good mixture of carbo with the bread, meat: hotdog and bacon plus veggies: tomato. It would be complete with the sauteed mushrooms as I was expecting it. One suggestion is probably to add in some salad to make this platter more visually interesting.

Nasi Lemak $6: Local delight that’s failed proof. The chicken taste just right but I felt that an additional Ikan Bilis would do the trick. Overall its a pleasing dish.

Kiddy Pancake $6: The kids love the bear shaped pancake as they carefully cut it before putting into their mouth.

I could not help it but take a photo before they start to attack the cutie bears. Lol…
More fun moments…

Not enough of my alcohol fix, I ordered their Kakis Paradise $14. Its a refreshing drink but I prefer my lime margarita more.

My favourite babe who’s running all over to make this event possible. Thanks June (www.junedujour.com)!

The man behind the babe, Ben (www.powaagarage.com) was helping with the photos. Thank bro!
The gals were occupied with making their own keychains while I network with other mummies.

The kids were given the recycled material to doll up like a superhero. They looked simply so adorable but my angels were busy playing and they missed this. Lol…

Wefies with the mummy bloggers before I rushed to the next event. Nice meeting up and see you soon ya!

Here’s the menu. You could see that its definitely a pro-family restaurant with kids choices available too.

Visit them soon!

Kakis Bistro & Bar
Address: 289 Farnborough Road, Singapore 509747
Phone:6214 2956
Hours: Mon 4pm – 12am, Wed-Sun 4pm to 12am
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kakisbistro

Website: http://kakis.sg/

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