Exclusive Backstage Review: ‘The Search for True Love’ by Ex-Mediacorp Peter Yu

Special Thanks to The Search for True Love for giving me the exclusive rights to interview the cast on 26 July 2015. 
I sat below the stage watching my first pre-show rehearsal for a musical. I felt really blessed to be involved in this musical as the adopted charity for this event is 365 Cancer Prevention Society. The Strings Ministry and the choir from Orchard Road Presbyterian Church alongside with the other casts worked hand in hand, coming together with a common goal for the success of this musical for a good cause. 
Having a solo shot photo before starting the backstage interview. This would be the photo wall used later for photography.
From Left: Ms. Lisa Foong(Producer), Mr. Eric Tanoto (Assistant Producer) and myself
Choir from Orchard Road Presbyterian Church
I started the interview with Peter Yu who was an ex-Mediacorp actor. He had his fair share of obstacles in life getting over gambling and smoking. For him, entrusting his faith in God was what that had given him a new lease in life. He listened as I shared about my past experience with people who are gamblers and how it had destroyed their family ultimately. I saw how his positivity brought smiles to people around him. 

The solitude of him on stage longing for the return of his beloved son, brought tears to my eyes.

His expression made the audience felt for him as a daddy. As we reached this point, I wished for his son be back soon.
The epic moment when father and son reunited after much ordeal. 
Xia Hui (夏惠), veteran singer who’s acting as an angel playing multiple roles eg. policewoman, cleaner, choir member. She started the show with singing of course and wow the audience with her explosive singing.
Here’s Xiahui playing the role of choir member telling the son (played by Wallace Ang) to go home. She gave him a bao (chinese bun) in 2 occasions causing laughter from the audience as Wallace showed signs of getting sick of receiving/eating the bao.
Wallace Ang played the son of Peter Yu, who was led astray by Ben. He stole his father’s money and left home for fear of being arrested by the police after committing a crime. Though his role as a radio DJ was very different from playing a role in the musical, I was enjoying every bit of his emotional outburst and singing during the musical.
Wallace was seen being rude to Peter in one of the coffeeshops that Peter owned. Peter wanted him to inherit the business however, Wallace kept thinking of ways to get rich quickly without any hardwork.
I proceeded to interview several other casts in the musical. There would be a followup video on the interview that I did with them later to be inserted in this blog. Basically the timing were very tight as there were continuous rehearsals and minus away the break time, I need to be really fast in catching them at the right moment. Nevertheless, everyone was really accommodating and I had fun getting to know them better through the interview. Thanks everyone!
Some sneak peaks of the scene…
Congrats to the full team and I would very much say this musical is a success and every bit of their hardwork was worth it! Kudos!

Thanks to all who had came to support this musical!

Reviews from the friends who came. Really glad that you had enjoyed this musical as much as I do!

Big thank you for the 1,902 people who had supported this musical by viewing and the 110 people who had liked the album. 
Watch out this space for the interview video soon!


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