SG50 Happy Birthday Singapore from Msbabelovebebes with Faith Angels

Simple song sang from the hearts of a blessed single mummy with her 3 angels. Happy to call Singapore Home. Thankful for this tiny red dot for the security, abundance of resources, harmony among races/countries, education system, growth from a little fishing village to this beautiful city in just 50 years, the people proudly known as Singaporeans with much thanks to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and much gratitude from me as a Single Mom (Solo Bliss) to know that my kids would be growing up happily and healthy in Singapore for the next 50 years.
Happy 50th birthday Singapore! Truly a place we call our own and let let us colour the island with red today! 
From Mummy Celestia with Angels Jayden, Chloez and Clovelle 
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Video- Jwalking Studio
Emcee Training- The Emcee Academy by The Flying Dutchman
Hair- Hair 510
Styling- Ministry of Image Consultancy
Skincare- V10Plus
Location- Orchard Road Presbyterian Church
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