(Sponsored) Kris by MENCE – Tummy Toner in 2 sessions! Love it!

I was overjoyed when I was invited by Kris to try their toning services. If you have not heard of Kris by MENCE by now then the below photos would wow you! This is like the secret to their toned bodies. Look at how amazing each of them look.

Kris by MENCE was conceptualised by a group of likeminded professionals who were ambitious enough to revolutionise the beauty industry. Their common goal is to help improve the health of people with major conditions. Being a loyal customer of MENCE since 2008, Mr. William Chan Shut Li, CEO of a SGX Mainboard Listed Company, decided to bring in MENCE and share their unique slimming concept and effective treatments with local consumers.

Backed by a team of well-trained staff, MENCE’s proven practices and Novel Weight Loss System, Kris by MENCE aims to bring greater value and the finest level of service to customers in Singapore. Kris by MENCE boasts over 10 professionally designed, well-equipped treatment rooms that cater to customers’ diverse needs.

Featuring MENCE’s Novel Weight Loss System: Detox, lose weight and inches through personalized and relaxing non-invasive treatment sessions

· Ideal weight loss and body toning treatment for everyone, especially busy professionals and those cannot perform regular exercise due to physical conditions or health problem

· MENCE has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification, a validation of its quality and high service standards

· Professional consultants will customise a body weight management scheme based on body fat percentage, muscle density and other assessments

MENCE, the trusted skincare and body toning authority in Hong Kong, has finally arrived in Singapore. The grand opening of Kris by MENCE earlier in July 2014 was graced by veteran Hong Kong actors Wu Fung and Lau Dan as well as celebrity Otto Chan. They were in town to share their experiences with MENCE’s trailblazing solutions.

Established by Mence Tsoi in 1980, MENCE is the first men’s skincare and slimming authority qualified for the ISO 9001-2000 certification. As an award-winning brand, MENCE is generally regarded as the leader of the industry for its strategic innovation, use of technology and sustainability.  In 2005, the brand successfully patented its unique slimming concept.

“Singaporean males lead a busy lifestyle. Work commitments, frequent night outs and imbalanced diets can negatively affect a man’s looks and his quality of life. I am pleased to bring MENCE’s professional treatments and services to Singaporean customers so that they can get in shape without needing to diet, take medication, go to the gym or under the knife,” says Mence Tsoi, Founder of MENCE.

As a concerned woman, I am very particular on the methods used on me to help achieve my targeted shape. MENCE used a different approach in approaching weight loss and body sculpting. Its brainchild is the Novel Weight Loss System, which brings an array of proven effective and non-invasive treatments that help individuals regain their health and attain their desired physiques at the same time. Believing in a unique, intensive “passive exercise” concept, MENCE helps clients reduce body fat and increase muscle density in a relaxed and comfortable way.

USFDA-approved and European-imported machines are used to simulate a gym session. Through the application of advanced technology, the blood circulation and lymphatic systems are improved. Fats are broken down and eliminated. Muscles are firmed up and body shapes are fine-tuned.

I was greeted by a cozy reception and friendly Kris herself with her staff before brought into this cozy room. Each VIP room comes with a private bathroom and television. Customers will be able to play their favourite music tracks during a treatment and indulge in fresh healthy fruits afterwards. 

I was required to fill up a form about my lifestyle and measurements on my body before the treatments are recommended.

Before I start the treatment! My concerned area are tummy and my arms but mainly emphasis would still be tummy as I am preparing my body for thr EZBBQ TVC shoot which was coming up in the next few days.

Started with VelaShape to tone my tummy. VelaShape technology combines infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum, which cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This type of efficient heating and vacuum stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin which results in localized reduction in skin laxity, body volume, and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

Take a look at the right side of my tummy where the therapist had worked on for 15 mins. It had obviously looked more toned with the cutting in for a more defined waist!

This 3D machine was then used in accordance to your size. I was told that the bigger pads are for the guys and if a bigger area are required.
A special gel was placed on the pads on my tummy and arms before being secured with a band. The pads are placed and the intensity of the currents were adjusted gradually. 

 I was next covered up with a cover at 75 degree from shoulders down to reduce the water retention in the body.

The intensity and the rhythm of the current changed after a few minutes.  This treatment with the 3D machine with the sauna environment simulate the exercising regime. For people like me who don’t exercise, this is the most ideal way to rest while trying to tone. I did not manage to perspire much in the initial 10 mins. I was told this was normal as I do not have the habit of exercising.

Wne through 3 rounds treatment, look at my glistening perspiration on my forehead and body.  I am someone who don’t really can perspire much so for me its quite a fair bit of water loss.

Looked at the flatter tummy in just one session! I am usually not a believer in terms of toning machine and its my first time trying a treatment with electric current. Apparently its working really well for me!

I started with 46kg and lost 500g in just one session! Its a feat as I am expecting just 100-200g. Well, I am not complaining!

Happy me after Day 1 session! Who won’t be after losing 500g on the first session right? Lol!


All Ready to Start my Day 2! Go go go! Wonder what would my next surprise on my tummy!

All wrapped up for the sauna environment with the magical (to me!) pads that helped me loads in toning my tummy.

All ready!

This time I perspired so much faster in half the time! I certainly did a good comfortable workout today. 

Do I look tired? 🙂

See how shiny I am due to the perspiration and note the tummy!

Measurement time!

Look closely. In just 2 session, I could see a cutting on my tummy!


Finishing up with a relaxing shower in the room.

Happy ME! Thanks Kris by MENCE! I My misconception that the weight loss is only good for men is wrong. It works really well for ladies too! For anyone who wants to look good in comfort.

Remember to quote MSBABELOVEBEBES for a special trial price!
Other Treatment that they provide:
Facial Contouring Treatment
Relaxes the lymph and assists in tightening facial contours

Skin Optimising Treatment
· Facilitates the recovery of acnes, comedos (blackheads), warts
· Refines the skin pores

Eye Rejuvenation Treatment
Helps tighten the loose skin and muscles around the eye area

Double Chin Removal
With the aid of sophisticated devices, excessive water and fats around the chin can be removed

Chest Toning
Targets excessive fats and firms muscles around the chest area

The innovative, non-invasive body contouring technology is able to deliver a durable and measurable reduction in the circumference of pseudogynecomastia and fats in the abdomen, flanks, thighs and knees. Because the fat cells are destroyed, results will remain long-lasting

Abdominal Toning
Assists in contouring a strong body around the waist area

Customers can choose to do different treatments at one go to save time. At the end of each session, one will feel energised because the toxins are expelled from the body. Through these services, Kris by MENCE aims to help customers attain the perfect body.

MENCE is not only trusted by individual customers, but also medical institutions. It is the first and only skincare and slimming centre invited to station in hospitals in Hong Kong. In 2013, it was invited to open another centre in a Guangzhou hospital. These three outposts provide skincare and fat reduction treatments to help patients remove their eye bags and double chin, burn fat as well as reduce their waistlines. When working with these hospitals, MENCE also lends its expertise in the management of various health conditions.

MENCE has achieved several accolades over the years, including: being voted the leading men’s skincare and body slimming centre in Asia by TIMES magazine; Quality Brand by Next Magazine; and being named the “50 Most Valuable Enterprises in Hong Kong” by Hong Kong Business. Since 2005, MENCE has also been appointed the official skincare and slimming organisation for Television Broadcasts Limited’s Mr Hong Kong.

Outlet information
Address: 39 Robinson Road #07-03 Robinson Point Singapore 068911
Tel: (65) 6536 5747 Fax: (65) 6536 5703
Business Hour:
Monday to Friday: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday/Public Holidays: Close
Website: www.krisbymence.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krisbymence


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