Laura Mercier Beauty Workshop!

I was lucky to have won the Junedejour giveaway for the Laura Mercier makeup event. Thanks June for selecting me to be the winner!

The event was held at Tangs Seviin Level 7. I brought along Christina Wong who was one of the single moms in Solo Bliss with me to the event.

Its a nice cozy place with tables set up for everyone to try out their makeup.

 Snacks were thoughtfully prepared in case we got too hungry!

Removed the makeup before the start of the event, not the eye makeup of course.

This time a tan model was used instead of fair model to show how to accentuate the facial features of a darker tone asian. We had Ginger Lynette to share makeup tips for today session.

This was what individual table have from primer, foundation to loose powder plus the brushes.

Half the face was done first to show the effect. Noticed the well defined brows, smoky eyes, higher cheeks and flawless skin with less noticeable eye bags on the right.

Tip on concealer was shared. Simple tip of using the brush first then blend with the fingers. Caviar stick is ideal to use for liner and shadow and due to the fact that it is emollient, it is easier to blend.

Laura Mercier now come with a few tempting holiday collection and I could not decide which to get for myself.

Time for me to play with the products. I love the brushes! Brushes was considered to be the hands of a makeup artist and thus the quality of the brushes are important especially for clients who had really sensitive skin.

Christina having fun at the event too!

Christina was keen to know how to draw nicer brows. Ginger came to to rescue!

Check out her left and right brows difference. The arc drawn by Ginger on the left lift up her well and accentuates her face shape. Right was her original brow.

Trying out the caviar stick. Love the texture and the versatility.

Thank you Sherry Ong (Marketive Executive of Starlight Cosmetics), Ginger Lynette (Professional Makeup Artist) and Estee Chan ((Marketing Manager of Starlight Cosmetics) for this wonderful event! My first experience with Laura Mercier!


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