WoPeng CNY Lohei Choice! Love their Phoon Choy!

CNY came especially early for me and Gilbert as we had our Lohei in mid Jan! Thanks to Wo Peng for inviting us to taste your cuisine especially they are the first to bring in the Poon Choy 盆菜 and the boss is no other than Platinum Award Winner Hong Kong Chef Julian Tam Kwok Fai (谭国辉师傅) which we would be expecting a culinary delight to taste raw Cantonese passion and hometown specialities, the best of ‘wok hei’ in authentic Cantonese cuisine.
The exterior of the Wo Peng Cuisine!

It is in a traditional and yet cozy Chinese style setting.

Featuring their signature Poon Choy which is also available in normal menu and not just the Chinese New Year period.

Our tasting menu for this afternoon. Yummy!

This was my first Lohei for 2016 and I very much was looking forward to it. You be surprised that after tasting, the salmon was in fact vegetarian plus the fact that organic greens were used showed how much thought was given to make it healthier. I personally liked the crispy fish skin.

The traditional regime started with words of blessings and prosperity as the ingredients and sauces were stacked on top of the platter by the service staff.

The official time to start playing with food!

Huat ah!

Do have that huat face yet? Lol!

This was my favourite dish of all as it had my favorite abalone and fish maw. Drool…

Look at the abalone beckoning to me… Just joking…

It’s all about Chinese New Year doesn’t it? Good food and company… The dieting part shall come later. I enjoyed the tenderness and sweetness of the abalone. The bottom of the Phoon Choy has pork skin and cabbage, something which do not really fancy.

Obvious, we all love a candid look before we happily devour the abalone right in front of us… Say AHHHH…

I am a soup lover since young so no one shall fight with me over this pot! Well, too bad I had to share with the rest of the reviewers… SOB… The clear ginseng chicken soup was light and yet appetising. Some hard liquor added in would perfect it I would say. The glutinous rice was within the chicken but my focus was all on the soup. *Evil Grin*

Lai lai… Wefie first before we savoured it…

This was the Sauteed “Peach Resin” and egg white with green vegetables. The moment I heard egg white and the first thought that came to my mine was protein, non fattening and soft. Alrighty, I know right, I was supposed to be losing weight but with all the good food right in front of me seemed so mission impossible.

This is how the “peach resin” looked like before soaking…

Looked a bit like dried scallop…

Advertisement time again… Hahaha… Two models who just loved to camwhore…

Gilbert, I got it… You have a beautiful set of Darlie teeth!

Let me try… My teeth not too bad too right? :p

Smoked and roasted duck with campor and Chinese tea leaves… interesting taste but to me its just another duck since I am not a duck fanatic. Its definitely beautifully roasted I must say.

Wok fried glutinous rice with assorted sausages. I was getting too full by the time this dish came. I had a mouthful and found it to be fragrant and definitely a very Hong Kong dish.

These were freshly made Hong Kong Nian Gao which was supposed to make you taller each time you eat it. Just joking! For Chinese, we eat Nian Gao to progress higher in our career. Its snack that most Chinese would eat during Lunar New Year. I liked the fact that its not too sweet compared to those mass production ones in the market.

I hope that after eating this Nian Gao I could also 步步高升!

Thank you Chef Julian Tam Kwok Fai (谭国辉师傅)  for the sumptuous cuisine putting me in the right CNY mood. I would be back for the Phoon Choy after CNY too!

For many of you out there who would be keen to try the tantalising dishes. You could contact them for reservation:

Wo Peng Cuisine

65342282 / 65332282


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