2016 Transformation with Dr. Bryan Lim from 8 Medical Aesthetic!

It was an exciting experience when I had my first hosting assignment in 2016 with 8 Medical Aesthetic. I was blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Dr Bryan Lim who would be sharing more later.

8 Medical Aesthetic Clinic is an affordable premier aesthetics at the heart of Singapore that specialise in premier non-invasive procedures focusing on body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatment for common problem areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, face and neck. Step into the clinic with a peace of mind, as you will be in safe hands of their professional doctors and nurses who are trained to use the latest advanced technologies in Aesthetic Dermatology.

Mr. Gilbert Tang, Senior Manhunt 2013 came early to support and asked what he could do to help me. Indeed my dearest buddy!

All thanks to Mr. Derris Loy (Sales & Marketing Manager of 8 Medical Aesthetics) who had made this event possible. I am sure you would agree that he himself is the best ambassador for the clinic since he had maintained himself so well.

Another important person who’s in-charge of the operation would be Sam. She’s one capable lady who understood loads on aesthetics as I rattled on my questions when we first met.

She’s the experienced therapist Rachel from the clinic. Not only being professional but also a sweet lady who’s very helpful.

Happily decked in outfit by #Formasianlabel whose attachables transformed you from a day to a night outfit within minutes!

Final selfie before the event starts!

Looked like everyone was ready to start! We had a good mix of both ladies and gentleman. Tonight it it would be a blast for those who attended.

I started the ball rolling by introducing the clinic and Dr Bryan Lim. The topics covered today would include injectables (botox/fillers), non-invasive skin tightening for face, non-invasive slimming and contouring for body as well as pain relief PRP(Platelet-Rich Plasma) ideal for sports inflicted injury.

Some background on Dr. Bryan Lim:
More than 30 Years of Experience in the Aesthetic Medicine Industry and founded one of Singapore’s earliest medical aesthetic practice called LS Medical and Aesthetics Clinic.
Member of American Academy of Dermatology
Member of International Society of Dermatologic Surgery
Member of American College of Cosmetic Surgeons
Certificates in Advanced Dermoscopy, Dermal Imaging, Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine, Skin Cancer Surgery (University of Queensland)

With all  the above credentials and his ever friendly personality, I am sure you would agree that you would be in good hands. Look at all the smiley faces of the guests. Medical talk do not need to be dry and the main intention of this talk was to equip the guests with informed knowledge of upkeeping themselves on both face and body with aesthetic alternatives both invasive and non-invasive.

Nothing beats a real demo. This model was undergoing the body contouring Vanquish treatment. Completely non-invasive, the state-of-the-art technique utilizes multipolar radio frequency(RF) technology to perform without ever having the machine come in contact with the skin. Instead it is positioned around the problem area to deliver energy into areas of stubborn fat, and targets the stomach, love handles, thighs and problem areas that diet and exercise do not fix. Lose inches with just four weekly 30 minute treatments.

In another room, Exilis demo on the hands were being carried out. A cool clear gel was applied before the treatment starts. RF uses electrical energy to heat the deep layers of the skin, whilst protecting the outer layer. Heating in this area, without damaging the outer layers of skin, causes microscopic changes to the tissues and collagen contraction, with subsequent collagen remodelling over the months that pass. Treatments are comfortable, have no downtime and give visible post treatment result. You are able to resume all your usual activities straight after. A series of treatments is usually required for optimal results.

Smooth hands after one session!

We invited the guests back to the main reception where I “interrogated” the models. Just joking… I was so curious how it felt and not only me but the rest was asking questions too.

8 Medical Aesthetic was so kind to be involving Collective Efforts with their project “50 Experiences for 500 kids”. Collective Efforts is a social enterprise on a mission to create meaningful impact in our society by empowering & uplifting vulnerable or financially-challenged women & children. 20% of the trial session proceeds would be donated to this meaningful cause. Joanna Portilla who’s the co-founder of this social enterprise shared on the efforts made in 2015 and what she hope to achieve in 2016.

The session ended with private one to one consultation with Dr. Bryan Lim and the rest of us busy networking away.

From left: Manhunt 2015 Finalist Raphael Chen, Manhunt 2015 Finalist Hanafie, Senior Manhunt 2013 Gilbert Tan, Chairman of WIN Joanna Portilla, myself and Sales & Marketing Manager of 8 Medical Aesthetics Derris Loy.

From left: Manhunt 2015 Finalist Raphael Chen, Jo-Ann, Manhunt 2015 Finalist Hanafie, Senior Manhunt 2013 Gilbert Tan and myself.

Its an eventful transformation evening indeed!  If you are someone who has a concern on getting your body into shape don’t hesitate to enquire Radiofrequency (RF) Body Contouring as well as Body Toning & Firming. Or want to delay the signs of ageing through non-invasive treatments like Facial Skin Tightening or Botox/Fillers(invasive injectables).

In my following blogs, I would be sharing on my journey in the Facial Skin Tightening as well as tummy contouring/love handles issues using Exilis. It would be filled with loads of photos and sharing of my transformation process with 8 Medical Aesthetic. So stay tuned!

For those who’s keen to know more, just quote “Celestia Faith Chong”.

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8 Medical Aesthetic
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9 Scotts Road #07-07 Singapore 228210
Tel: (65) 6733 6389
Email: enquiries@8medicalaesthetic.com


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