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I was approached by Aida checking my interest in sharing my new journey as a single mom with Epoch Times. 
“Epoch Times is an independent, global news source, headquartered in New York, with a focus on uncensored China news, culture and science.” Source: www.theepochtimes.com
I was more than elated to share my experience with other mummies out there. The fact that you are not alone fighting this battle. I founded this humble facebook group Solo Bliss for single moms and supporters of single moms and I am blessed to know Aida through this group. She is one inspiring woman who had brought up her kids well and helping others by being a coach herself.
I have strong emotions being a mother and not to mention being a single mom. My 3 kids are as dear as my life itself. It is never an easy decision to make as I do understand the percussion behind this. 
The fact that my ex partner is not on the same page with me nor having best interest of the kids don’t make it any easier. The tussle is still ongoing but I pray that one day he could see the reason the marriage broke down through the years of broken promises, hurt and the love that had faltered. The best way to move forward now is for the kids to felt loved by the parents especially they would need me more than anything now that they are still young. Any considerations in monetary, housing or time allowance made in my favour would made it easier for me to bring up the kids with greater ease and happiness. 
I prayed for His strength to face this and for Him to show my ex the way for a peaceful settlement for the sake of our 3 angelic kids. They are the best thing that ever happened to me in this marriage. They filled my moments with so much happiness and changed my perspective about life else I guess the divorce would happen few months after marriage.
I experienced 2 incidents of life and death from Jayden and myself. Thus I fully understand that every next breath is a gift and not to be taken for granted. I would like to thank Aida for this interview and Li Yen, journalist of Epoch Times for this opportunity. I shared the questions asked with my views below. Cannot wait for the printed edition to be out soon. 
Some behind the scenes photos for you to enjoy!
From left: Myself with angel Clovelle, Sharifah Fazzeleen, Aida Amanda Atan , Latipah Ibrahim, Masturah Saadon 

With dear Aida!

Pretty lady boss from Flare Wellness!

Sorry Li Yen to have this photo here as both photos taken were with your eyes closed. She is Li Yen the friendly journalist from Epoch Times.

Interview in process…

Single mom rocks!

Post interview photoshoot from the Epoch Times

Group selfies to end the interview!

Epoch Times Interview Questions:

1) Is it hard to be a single mother?

I would say its challenging but the experience is certainly fruitful. Kids had grown to be closer to me and more independent after slowly coming to terms that Daddy and Mummy no longer loved each other and would still love them unconditionally.

2) As a single mothers and entrepreneur, what are the challenges?
Being entrepreneur in the initial stage does takes up more time and commitment to make things work. The challenges come when I would need to attend events or networking sessions in the evening instead of spending time with the kids. I would need to manage this carefully to ensure I am spending enough quality time with the kids.

3) What motherhood means to you?
Motherhood brought me to a whole loads of new perspective in life. It taught me that life is not to be taken for granted. Health, happiness, laughter, love and even tears and precious gift by God to make us appreciate life better despite the trials in life and to remain strong and passionate about life with our love ones makes it such a strong force that I would love to inspire women out there who’s had an unfulfilled dream. The kids are my main source of motivation in life and seeing them grow each day with their many firsts and their hugs and kisses recharged me with such energy for the next day.

4) Have you ever felt judged being a single mother? How? When?

Some people who heard that I am a single mom would start to feel sorry for me. The decision to be a single mom was not made overnight, it was decided after 8 years of trying to make the marriage work. For me, this decision allowed me to discover more about myself , to be happier as a mummy,to pursue the passion I never dreamt I could. I chose to ignore whatever sympathy I am getting and face it with a smile that depicts the strong zest in life that I am having.
5) How has motherhood changed you?
Motherhood had moulded me to be a better person. A person filled with more patience, empathy, expressive and that life is too short not to enjoy the moments being a mother. 

6) What is your greatest joy as a mother?

Witness their laughter and happiness. To see the kids having the ability to love and be able to love/respect people around them. Having the 3 kids playing together so amiable despite the numerous arguments and supporting each other as sibling. Just having them by my side, all the moments just seemed so precious and worth living for. 
7) What kind of mother are you? What kind of mother do you aspire to be?
I am a firm mother who believed a lot in values and family bonding. I do not require my kids to be scholars but they must know to love/respect/help people. Having the right EQ is crucial for them to be happy in life. I am very generous with my hugs and kisses and I miss/love you to my children and sparing no moments to ensure that I love them. I aspire to be a mummy that they could be proud of. A mummy who dares to dream and pursue a dream where life is too short to be wasted.

8) What’s one thing you’d like all of us non single moms to know about single motherhood?

Single mom work 10 folds harder to be a better mother so that their children would not be shortchanged anyway in being loved. We do not need sympathy and we made the decision to move on for the better!
9) Your greatest wish for your children?
To grow up happily and healthily with the capacity to love and be loved by others. 

10) What do you want to receive most from your children on Mother’s Day?

A medley of hugs/kisses and I love yous!
Please grab a copy Epoch Times for the next issue to show your support for single moms!
For other single moms or supporters of single moms who is keen to join Solo Bliss. You are more than welcome to do so. Alternatively for collaborations or sponsorships, you may email me at msbabelovebebes@gmail.com . 

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