(Sponsored) Kids Birthday Staycation at Punggol Ranch!

This staycation was meant to be a total surprise for my 2 birthday angels, Jayden and Clovelle. Its their actual birthday and they had no idea where I was taking them till we reached Punggol Ranch. I wanted a place that we could all break away from the hassles of the city and have good time bonding together as a family. This 3 days 2 night stay came in time.

About Punggol Ranch:
Punggol Ranch – the Horse Oasis with rustic charm of a tranquil feel made ‘laid back’ location at the end of Punggol road. Located near the Punggol settlement and Marina Country Club, Punggol Ranch developed in year 2012 as Singapore’s very own cowboy town with option of country styled stay facilities within a riding environment comprised of 4 buildings of stables with 60 number of horses and ponies, 30 wagon & country styled furnished rooms with BBQ facilities, an indoor East Wood Hall and outdoor West Well & East Garden area for birthday parties and gathering, a JACKUDA square for horsey related art & craft, a bunny & miniature horse park, an indoor children playground, ground for archery and two choices of eatery outlets.

I felt like a cowgirl when I arrived at this entrance. 🙂 


Spacious Carpark

All ready to check in!

You will noticed that there are loads of decor details around you to be part of the country theme.

Our home for the next few days! Wink Wink! I love the door loop which is also used for knocking the door.
Spacious rooms with 4 single beds.

Private bathroom.

Right after I placed down my stuff, I started to go on a horse decor search. Look at how many horse related items I could find!

The hugs and kisses came in when the kids were all excited and overwhelmed by this surprise. 

This was what happened when I tried to do with a wefie with Jayden and Clovelle could not help but be a part of it.

I told Clovelle that she needs to brush the horse’s teeth every morning and she went yeeks! Hahaha…

Let’s do some group shots!

Now with my 2 little birthday angels!

Had a date with my sis at Vivo for their birthday dinner and we were all ready to go. It’s the kids first time experience with mummy driving. Let’s go!

Happily slurping away…

Desserts next…

Chloez could not decide on the toppings… Tough choice…

Hmm… Mango was still my favourite mummy. Wanna try?

I wanna chocolates and more chocolates…

Best time to get them to pose!

Quickly feed mummy before it melts… Clovelle (Can you be faster please?) Lol…

Mummy say Ah….

End of Day 1

I started the day with the kids bright and chirpy. Enjoying the greenery view from my window was such a luxury for many including myself who worked hard to bring the bread back.

We walked over to Jackuda but it was not opened yet as it was too early. The kids was trying out all the rides and swings around it instead.

These swings brought back my childhood memories. I remembered I enjoyed swinging on these when I was young

Sisterly moments… Minus their messy hair of course.

Jayden acting cool apparently each time I told him to pose for the camera. He was on his own swing at the other end.

For a while, they looked similar which I always thought they don’t. Hahaha…

Mummy quietly enjoying my idle moments as I watched the kids playing and running around.

 We’ve got a visitor shortly. Hi there! Think he looked still kinda sleepy. Good morning little one!

The kids were all looking in amazement as he was trying to scratch himself but rubbing his body against the dividers.

 Look at their faces!

Chloez was the most courageous one in fact and went over to stroke the horse.

Then I could not help it too as I had always love horses.

Its Clovelle who still was so terrified for a start. I had decided to go and not to force it upon her till she’s comfortable.

Slowly making progress by touching with Chloez’s hands.

Its feeding time! Each packet of feed was just $2 for you to get close to the pony.

Clovelle decided to use an aid to feed but at least she was not so scared anymore. Its slow but a good progress.

Jayden loved animals since young so this was definitely enjoyable for him.

More feedings…

In case you wondering how it felt, you could feel the horse’s wet tongue trying to get the food as you extend you hand with the pack of carrots. So much for a wet kiss!

Cooling down in the craft corner where the kids get to try all sorts of craft in a crazily hot afternoon. Its heavenly here as I sipped my cool drinks while they got all busy creating their masterpieces.
Work in Process… Please do not disturb…

Jayden chose the Pokeman sand art as its one of his favourite cartoon character.

Chloez decided much later and spent loads of effort finishing up her masterpiece.

Opps… The colours went the wrong way and dear Clovelle trying her best to rectify it. I love how focussed she looked. A total opposite of her usual cheeky self.

Rare moments of her seated so long just to complete a task. Honestly I was proud of her for finishing up this painting all by herself.

Jayden helping with Chloez after he had completed his artwork.

My turn to help too! We are a team!

Artsy afternoon.
My 2 pride and joy princesses of #faithangels.
After cooling down and now its time for our stable tour! Wonder what’s behind these gates?

Some ground rules before we enter.

The place is very spacious and well ventilated. The left side are the ponies and right are the horses.

#faithangels enjoying themselves looking at the horses.

Some other ponies in the stable.

Learning about the basics of the daily stable routines and how the staff took care of the ponies and horses inside here.

Nevertheless, the kids had fun saying hi to the ponies and horses and kept asking me to bring them back to see them again. In Singapore, it’s not a norm day setting to be with horses nor having the opportunity to be at such a close proximity and learn all about them. The ponies and horses looked well taken care off with clean stables. An educational stable tour is definitely a must try for kids of all ages.

The ride that the kids were all waiting for!

Safety precautions come first!

Clovelle surprising wanted to be the first to try. A completely different Clovelle who was trying her best to stay away from the horses but now she was so excited about it! Kids… They never fail to amaze me always.

Looks like she’s all ready!

Her Megawatt Smile that melts me daily…

Here we go…

She did it! Her first pony ride! Well done my baby. I am so proud of you.

Next in the queue, my boyfriend Jayden!

He was secretly hiding a smile as he got on the pony.

Also another first for my big baby!

Chloez’s turn for her ride!

My brave little gal enjoying every bit of it.

Gotta take a selfie with this cutie who gave my #faithangels their very first ride.

A kiss to say thank you! Hee hee…

Arena for the horses to run about.

Now my turn to ride. I was so excited and Jayden kept me company. He had grown so much since 10 years back. My 3.165kg baby would soon be as tall as me. Do you spot our facial similarities?

Woohoo! My turn my turn! (Photos taken by my dearest Jayden)

My safety helmet and riding boots all ready. Ponti is such a beauty.

Gonna hug this wonderful baby for giving me such a comfortable ride.

Family photo! Look at how posey my 2 princesses were. Hahaha…

Thank you Jill who had been ensuring my staycation fulfilling with my #faithangels. Not forgetting Punggol Ranch who made this staycation possible. We shall be back!

Activities that you could explore with your friends and families:
-BBQ facilities-

-indoor East Wood Hall 
-outdoor West Well & East Garden area for birthday parties and gathering
-JACKUDA square for horsey related art & craft
-bunny & miniature horse park
-an indoor children playground
-ground for archery 
-two choices of eatery outlets.
-beginner and advance riding lessons
-guided joy rides
-feeding pony and horses
-mounted guided trail rides-
-option to privately hire pony(s) for birthday parties and venue
-stable tour and orientation with feeding
-photo shoot with horses/ponies 
-other carefully planned horsey activities.

Punggol Ranch
900 Punggol Road Singapore 829168
+65 6690 0900


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