Clovelle 1st TVC adventure for WSH – Part 1

The government had always taken work safety very seriously. I was very proud that Clovelle was selected to be one of the lead cast for this TVC especially when it is directed by award winning director Royston Tan. As a mummy, I would like to document her experience by sharing her behind the scenes photos. Please join me as I would be breaking down the photos according to the different scenes. 
We woke up like 5 plus in the morning to reach to the other end of Singapore by 6plus in the morning. Thank god this happy pill was still all chirpy and ready. The crew prepared a picnic basket nicely placed with bread, nutella spread just to perk her up for the shoot. Not to mention the mini fun to keep her cool.

Preparation was done at the carpark with her screen daddy Andi having a quick haircut for the role.

The crew preparing to start…

First scene was shot seated to show bonding between daddy and child.

Clovelle was being very helpful and tried to cool Royston too with the fan.

Clovelle first experience being a pillion on a bicycle. Look at her secretly smiling away.


The crew worked diligently to get the required scene.

Having fun when the crew was doing some adjustments.

Serious conversation in progress… I must say Royton is awfully good with kids. Clovelle love him to bits! The crew was preparing for the next scene in the next location.

Continuing on the next scene in my next post…

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