Clovelle 1st TVC adventure for WSH – Part 3

After lunch, Clovelle had her one hour power nap in the van before we start. In fact she was a little cranky initially but jumped really quickly back to her original happy mode.

Jumping back to the tying shoelaces scene for a evening setting.

You won’t believe that this was how committed Royston was in cheering Clovelle up. I admired him for being so committed and professional in his work. In fact his scalp bled as there was a metal wire that he did not realised before he placed it on his head.

The client overseeing the scene from outside.

Photo with the tenant of the unit.

Cheeky gal finally coming alive.

Her little teddy followed her where ever she go.

Scene: Waiting for screen daddy to be back…

Its a wrap for day 1! Watch out for Day 2 & 3!

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