Clovelle 1st TVC adventure for WSH – Part 4

After one full day of filming the day before, Clovelle was mentally prepared for another day of acting. Today would be challenging for her as she would need to be sad and shed tears of sadness.

Look at her pouted lips. Melting me …

One thing about Clovelle is that she is totally fearless towards strangers. Happily mingling with the client and sound guy.

Meals of love specially prepared for her. They knew she loved salmon and here it was!

Plus fish soup. She was very much loved.

Contented face after lunch.

Poor screen daddy Andi was trying to get into the sad mood but me and Clovelle still monkeying around. Pai Say…

Photo with the friendly client.

Clovelle and Royston.

Clovelle with Royston and Karl who wore pink cos she likes it. Incredible right?

The amazing crew!

The gals who took so much care of us during filming. Plus showing the overzealous Clovelle with gifts.

End of Day 2 Wrap up of TVC!

Day 3 Print Ad Photoshoot

Having fun with screen daddy Andi when Clovelle was still preparing.

Clovelle being inquisitive again.. LOL… “Uncle I want to see and play what you are playing”

Wefie before the photoshoot starts…

End result of the photoshoot.

It’s a wrap! Clovelle first TVC directed by award winning @RoystonTan for a very meaningful campaign. Thank you for being so patient with her. Plus a wonderful screen daddy Andi 木木 。

I’m a proud 星妈 (talent mother)。 Hahaha! I’m so proud of you my little angel. Your first role and you had mastered the emotions of laughter and tears so well.

The team from Hello Group and Play Productions are awesome too, especially getting her favourite food and showering her with gifts on the last day of shoot.

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