Clovelle Cried “Mummy I was trying to be Kind. But…”

It started with just another evening with #faithangels. I was trying to calm Clovelle down after she was having a small argument with Chloez.

She spoke to me, “I was trying to be kind in school like how you always taught me but I have friends who still bully me and refuse to be friends with me. I tried my very best to be kind mummy. I did. ” Her tears was flowing out looking at me at this point.

I took a deep breathe… My heart broke as she said this. I knew that the love that I had gave her was felt and she had learnt in turn how to love not only herself but others too.

“Clovelle, you had been a good gal and listened to what mummy had taught you. Please continue to be kind my baby. For a kind heart will have friends who are kind too. You deserve kind friends and not friends who are unkind to you. So please stay kind my baby.” She nodded her head in acknowledgement.

I encircled my arms around her and gave her a long huge hug. My heart was consoled and proud of her. My wish for her naming Clovelle with a love embedded within and Chinese name with 心 for her to use her heart to love and be loved by others had clearly seen in her at 6 years old.

I hope in time to come. She will continue to bring the love and kindness to people around her. Not forgetting the smile that she carry wherever she go.



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