How my Love for Segway Started

Years ago as I was strolling along Sentosa, I saw some people enjoying themselves on this 2 wheeler (Segway® Personal Transporters(PT)) with a helmet looking like those futuristic fighter from the future. Ok, I am joking. Cos I found them to look really cool. Did not cross my mind that one day I would have the opportunity to ride on one during 2015 when being invited to be part of Gogreen marketing campaign. Being in the sun was never my thing but trying out new gadgets did fascinate me enough to sacrifice my fair skin to a slightly darker tone. I am fortunate to be seen on many parts of Sentosa island, Singapore Map and the Singapore Tourism Board video and interview in beginning of 2016 by Suria as a user of Segway transporter.

Singapore Map
Banners in Sentosa

Wall Banner at Beach Station
Singapore Tourism Board Video
Suria Interview

Ok enough of me on my love for Segway. The Segway I rode was more suitable if you have the budget and space for it. You could take a weekend and hope on down to the Sentosa Beach station to have a go too. 
However, as a regular consumer who prefers something more affordable for your daily lifestyle needs, there is always Segway MiniPRO which comes with white and black. I would be sharing on my top concern which is safety as well as the mobile app being part and parcel of everyone’s daily ritual now.

Read more about it here on my new love of Segway MiniPRO:


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