Acme Sculpture (Taipei) – Breast Augmentation Part 2 (Actual/Post Surgery)

Could you tell that I was feeling a little nervous but excited? On the day of the surgery, I was being explained on the various forms from the risks involved to the permission for me to be put on sedation as part of the requirement of the surgery.

Anyone going towards the operation theatre and recuperating wards would have to go through this room where a strong gust of air from all over were supposed to blow the dust particles away from your body for about 5 secs.

My cozy ward where I placed my items and rested here after the surgery completion.

Time to change into my surgery gown…

Trying to put on my best sunshine smile before the start of the surgery.

Waiting for the surgery to start…

Here would be where I spent my next few hours…
In order to take care of the images which might caused discomfort to the readers, I would not be posting any photos until the recuperation stage of the surgery. The following would be a brief account of what I experienced in the process.

As stepped into the operating theatre, I had a short conversation with the nurse anesthetist to understand more about my health condition and informed me on what I would be feeling and the possible side effects that would vary from different individuals. 
I was smeared with a yellow brownish liquid on the upper half of my body including the fingers to disinfect me before the start of the surgery. The 2 hands were then strapped at 90 degree by the side. I was given an oxygen mask which I went into sedation shortly.
Actual Day Post-Surgery
The surgery started at about 12pm and ended at 5pm from which I was still extremely drowsy from the sedation. I rested for about 4 hours in the recuperation ward before the nurse sent me back to my hotel where I was still very giddy and slept till 12pm the next day. During the interval, I was advised to flush myself with loads of water and take some food for faster recovery. There were 2 tubes with 2 containers (which looked like a grenade shape) attached to the armpit wound to store the excess blood. The bust area were strapped with a supporting band to give support to the new implants. I was also given 4 kinds of medication for anti-inflammation, gastric, painkillers and stop the blood from flowing in excess to be taken 3 times a day.
Post Surgery Day 1
I went back for review on Day 1 and the excess blood of the 2 containers were drained. The bottles were clipped to the bust band on myself and I have to wear loose clothings. According to Dr Yu, it’s more advisable to be left on since the bottles were still quite full. He further advised me not to exert too much strength on my arms and not to lift up my arms as well. I was placed on drip for antibiotics as well. I felt engorged and full on my bust but it’s manageable for me since I breastfed before.
Some bruises below the bust area, numbness could be felt at the arms area too.
Post Surgery Day 2
Day 2 was the same process as it seemed that I had exerted myself too much and the excess blood in the containers were again pretty filled up. The containers were emptied and was on antibiotics drip. The bust band was removed to change the dressing for the nipple and reattached again. Engorgement feeling start to lessen.
Post Surgery Day 3
I almost ran out of clothes to wear in order to cover the 2 tubes and containers hanging right in front of me. LOL… Just joking. Today would be the day the tubes and containers were removed. The dressing on my armpits was changed as the tubes were taken out. Still engorgement but manageable. At least I would start to wear normal clothes with just the bust band on me. Time for a good hair wash from the nearest salon! 
Post Surgery Day 6
Stitches on the armpits and nipples were removed. Time to set off Home Sweet Home!

Do look out for more of my post surgery updates!

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