(Sponsored) Young Shine V-Shape Journey Part 2


To know more details on my first threadlift experience, you could proceed to my blog entry earlier.

I came back 4 months later for a touch up since I was also have another plastic procedure planned. This time round I not only explored threadlift on my face but tummy as well. I also had my first injectable experience with fillers and botox. When I saw doctor Jenny, all I said was that my face was all hers! Lol…

I was placed on a drip to reduce swelling after the procedure.

Followed on by the numb cream and a plastic wrap on it for 20 mins.

I was awake for the whole procedure and depends on how much anesthesia you need. Apparently having more also meant the face would be more swollen who I was not prepared to. Thus, I requested for the minimum so that it would not affect how I looked for my events.

This photo showed how I looked immediately after the procedure. You should see that my face was still swollen with some tape covering the area that had the needle inserted through. Basically, I had threadlift to further lift my hamburger face (chubby cheeks) , 3cc of fillers at the chin to elongate the face and minimum botox on the eyes area.

This was the before and one day after the procedure.

Tummy time!
I tried to do threadlift on my tummy to tighten my tummy. Dr Jenny suggested just a couple of threads for me as she mentioned that I do not require much.

Could you spot the difference? Please do expect light bruises on some areas.
On my last day in Taipei, Dr Jenny also helped in using laser to lighten the freckles on my face. Some redness would be expected and it would last for about 4 days for me.

This was taken 2 months after! I am sure you could tell the visible difference! My face was clearer, texture improved and its definitely sharper without the photo editing!

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