Private Media Birthday Party with the horses!

How not to feel loved when close friends who turned up gave you the best wishes ever with their blessings, flowers and thoughtful gifts despite the hot weather. Media guests like dear Tracy Lee, Apple Hong, Jerry Hoh, Michael Kwah, Francis plus my sweet sponsors came by just to make this celebration all so special.

I gave a tiny surprise to the guests who came early to ride on the horses too. Totally smitten with the gentle nature of horses and the theme was Fascinators and Glam.

Just a small cozy party but thankful that God made it possible. Thank you everyone who came and I would to thank you for coming to this humble occasion.

Thank you Joanne Ho from Brand Cellar for sponsoring the cake and Gallop Stable at Punggol Ranch for the location plus the flowers and sweet gifts that was given by the guests.

Photo credits:
Location/Staycation: Gallop Stable at Punggol Ranch
Nails: Dear Princess Beauty Salon Tokyo
Hair: Charles D. Tan Headlines Hairdressing
Skincare/Haircare/Body Contouring Products: Beauty By Nature at Ion Orchard
Serums: V10plus
Lash: Lash Regrowth
Aesthetics: Face, Body & Skin Aesthetics Medical Centre (Singapore)/ 永欣醫美專業諮詢 Young Shine Aesthetic Clinic (Taipei)
Plastics: 極緻醫美
Photography: Sahjay

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