Bigger & Brighter Eyes! Epicantoplasty & Triple Suture Technique

It must be one of my best birthday pressie ever from a good buddy who decide to pamper me with a set of beautiful eyes. It is my first ever plastic surgery decision that I made on my face.

Eyes are the window to our souls and having a beautiful pair of eyes matters. It was through a good friend recommendation that I came to know about Allure Plastic Clinic. The decision was made after a consultation with Dr. Samuel Ho. He gave very practical suggestions with his experience and the decision was apparent that he would be the best person to help me.

Dr. Samuel Ho is married to a beautiful wife and as a father of two, he has a profound respect for all mothers who have undergone childbirth and experienced changes in their bodies post pregnancy. This is the kind of doctor that I know I would be in good hands.

I had been troubled by my droopy sleepy eyes since young and as much as I tried to conceal this through makeup, it was still pretty obvious to me. I tried using a small amount of Botox once while I was in Taipei in 2016 but it only lasted 3 months and along with threadlift which lasted about a year.

The reason to rectify this so as I do not need to go for the regular botox injections or threadlift sessions and to look more refreshed with brighter eyes.

Dr. Samuel Ho suggested 2 procedures:
(1) Triple Suture Technique – scarless double eyelids to improve the fold
(2) Epicantoplasty – widen the eyes

The breakdown:
$2800  Epicantoplasty

$2888  Triple Suture Technique
$500    Day surgery
$300    Sedation
Includes consultation, medications and 3 reviews

Day 1

I was taken to a nice resting area while waiting and was given some forms to sign along with the medications to be consumed for the next few days which included antibiotics and painkillers

My weight and height were taken and changed into the operating gown and cap before being led to Dr. Samuel Ho.

He showed a sample thickness of how the eyelid would look after the surgery after taking some measurements with some photos of the patients who had done this surgery before to give a rough gauge of how the end result would look like.

My original distance of my double eyelid was 5mm. Dr. Samuel Ho suggested 8mm for me using the Triple Suture Technique which is a scarless double eyelids procedure to improve the fold which I used to have.

The best part of this is it is non-invasive and reversible. It is a modified version of Double Suture and Twisted Technique (DST) which is supposed to be longer lasting and crease with more secure anchor points. It is a one off permanent procedure unless you rubbed it hard to cause the points to snap. Makeup can resume after one week of surgery and I brought my own shades to cover the swollen eyes after the procedure.

Next, Dr Ho explained to me how Epicantoplasty was going to be done to widen my eyes. He further use two small sticks to pull lightly towards my nose bridge and demonstrated how it would look after stitching.

The one I did was: “Medial epicanthoplasty – This focuses mainly on the inner corner of the eye, making the eye look bigger and more open; it can also straighten slanted eyes.”

“Epicanthoplasty, known medically as medial or lateral epicanthoplasty, is a type of eye surgery that aims to lengthen the inner parts of the eye to make the eye bigger. Also called the “inner corner fold removal” or “Mongolian fold correction”, this is a cosmetic procedure mostly performed in Asian countries.

One of the most prominent Asian features is the Mongolian fold (medically known as the epicanthal fold) found in the corners of the eyes. The epicanthal fold forms a web across the eye and covers the medial canthus. Simply put, this fold can impair the beauty of the eyelids and makes the eyes look smaller laterally and more tired-looking.”

I was then led to the operating room after the consultation where I was put into local anesthesia and light sedation. The 2 procedure took about 45mins, however towards the latter portion I could feel some discomfort as I reckon that the anesthesia effect had worn off a little. However, it was manageable. 

I had to make an effort to open my eyes during the initial few mins. There was difficulty trying to open my eyes fully and my eyes area and face was visibly swollen. The pain was felt all the way to the cheekbone area which I was told it is normal due to gravity. Although it was advisable to have someone to accompany back but I felt good enough to travel back on my own by Grab.

Spent the rest of the day resting in bed with regular ice compress made with 2 small sealed bag given by the clinic. Not forgetting the medication after meals and the cream to be applied 3 times day. Eyes felt sore and tired which was a good reason to force me to rest. 
Day 3 
By the third day, the eyes seemed to open more and I was able to stare at the computer screen longer to resume my work. There was bruising below the eye area which seemed like I was having dark eye circle. Hopefully it would fade off soon but in the meantime would be using my makeup to cover it for now.

Day 4
Back to work after the long public holiday and I was all ready to start work in my shades. Makeup resumed except for the eye area. Basically it was the facial foundation, eyebrow and lips makeup without getting near the eyes area since the recommended would be from day 6 onwards

Day 7
Stitch removal during lunch time which took about 15mins and I was so set to start my eyes makeup for my dinner appointment tonight.

Before stitch removal

The excitement sets in as Dr. Samuel Ho started his magic in removing the stitches. I would need to stay away from my Muai Thai and Boxing training for at least another week which I missed so much but well for vanity reasons it is worth it!

Tada! This was how I looked right after stitch removal. All set to put on my makeup NOW! Keke!

Quickly touched up with my falsies and simple makeup. Couldn’t be happier with my new eyes all thanks to Dr. Samuel.

It also marked the day that I could start to drink my favourite red wine… A day to rejoice! Woo hoo! 
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More photos 3 months after the surgery:


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