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Dr John Wong, also known as Wang Deyuan whom I known first as an actor when I was younger but he is now a renowned bilingual author, speaker, trainer, business consultant and peak performance strategist. I was honoured when the opportunity for us to come together to share each other life experience and presented with an autographed copy of his latest book “Wisdom to Influence”.
He shared about his painful failed business in China, going into depression and how he picked himself up after his setbacks. I strongly believe that individuals who purchased the book will see great improvement in their areas of lives, including sales, marketing, family, employment career movement, parenting, and business.
In his book, he shared 32 easy to understand principles on how to be successful in creating an influence. Being an aspiring influencer myself, I have benefitted much from the principles which Dr John had amassed through his years of trainings, readings, years of studying for success. 
His quote “You don’t want to GO through pain. You must GROW through pain” which I totally agree that we all make mistakes but it is how/what we learnt through the mistakes and GROW through the experience.
Dr. John summarised by saying “The most important secret of success is to adopt proven-to-work methods.” That is where when we adopt a humble and ready to learn attitude and pick up the tips/methodology from the success of people/business around us.

Read comments on the book by successful entrepreneurs and individuals including Mr Douglas Foo (founder of Sakae Sushi and winner of many entrepreneurship awards himself), Dr Ng Chin Siau Chin (founder of Q&M Dental Group and winner of many entrepreneurship awards), Ms Claire Chiang (co-founder of Banyan Tree), BuKoh Mary (one of the top and most popular DJs in Singapore), Mr Lim Hwee Seng (partner of PWC, one of the largest audit firm in the world) etc.

“I have known John Wong (Wang Deyuan) for nearly 2 decades. He has been working hard to improve his knowledge and wisdom all these years. I see his fruits manifesting in his latest works Wisdom to Influence. He truly bared his soul by revealing the painful lessons learnt in investing in China. The book also incorporates the Kaizen teachings of Dr Deming, something which I hold dearly to my heart. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience and learn from a very eventful life.”

Douglas Foo
Founder and Executive Chairman, Sakae Holdings

“This book is a reading delight that helps us reflect on our own journeys. If you follow one third of the principles in this book, you are good; if you act on half of them, you are excellent, and if you succeed 80%, you are extra-ordinary, and if you ever achieve 100%, you are unbelievably a Saint!”

Claire Chiang
Co-Founder, Banyan Tree Holdings

Thank you Dr. John for this personal autographed copy of the book!

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