Fuss-Free Eyebrow Embroidery at Beauty Recipe!

This is how I look without drawing my eyebrows on a lazy day after I had my Eyebrow Embroidery done at Beauty Recipe at their latest outlet in Orchard Gateway #B2-01.

Eyeliner embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup usually done either on the top of the upper eye line or outer half of the lower eye line to make the eyes look more awake and refresh. It lasts for 1 –1.5 years depending on individual skin type.

I had never been a fan of the olden style of eyebrow embroidery as I feel that it looked way too fake and unnatural. During my mom times, I always felt that it made her look very fierce and weird. Took me great courage to try my very 1st session last year at Beauty Hope.

This year, I wanted thicker brows without much drawing and thus I was pretty ecstatic when Jessie Ting from Beauty Recipe approached me to try her services. They had several different types to choose from for different brows. The price includes 1 Free touch up within 3 months.

3D Eyebrow Embroidery at promo price $288
6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery at promo price $488
Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery at promo price $588
Half 6D Nano + Half Misty Eyebrow Embroidery promo price $688
Men Eyebrow Embroidery at promo price $588
6D + Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery at promo price $888 

My brows had lost almost all of the initial embroidery. It was thin and unshapely. I badly want to look right each time I wake up every morning. Not saying about the messy hair and sleepy face of course. Eyes and brows form an integral part of how we look. I was not taking any chances to leave it as it was. 

Their organic color pigments used are fully plant based from Korea so it is safe, produce the best results and will not change colour overtime.

With an extensive range of colours available, the colours are then individually tailored and mixed specially to match individual eyebrow hair colour and skin color so that it blends in naturally making the eyebrow embroidery look even more realistic.

The ideal shape of the eyebrow would be drawn to show how it would look like. Be sure to minus like 20% off the colour and you would roughly get the actual colour after a week.

The numbing cream was being applied after the shape was decided. A clear plastic wrap would then be overlaid on the numbing cream for about 15mins before the process starts. There was no pain involved after the numbing cream took effect.

The painless process took a total of 45 to 60 mins.

All I could feel was satisfaction as I looked at my new brows.

The eyebrows will look darker for 3 -5 days normally and fade off 30 -50%. But generally no swelling or redness for me for I went straight to an event right after. I was given an antiseptic cream to apply for 4 times a day for 1 week until all the peeling had stopped. Usually between 3-7 days the skin dries up and the scab will start to peel off.

For best results, leave it water free for 3 days. I was washing my face with so much care for the 3 days and used the makeup removal towels instead. Try to dry your eyebrows by tapping dry with a tissue if you sweat or wet it during the 3 days.

Some Before & After Care Tips!
• Your eyebrows will look dark for about 5 days so try to make sure you have no major events or photo shoot for the 1 week after eyebrow embroidery.
• For 1 week, you must not go swimming and be prepared to spend a little extra time washing your face as to try not to let your brows be in contact with water too much.
• Try to keep your eyebrow dry for 3 days after eyebrow embroidery and use face wipes to clean your face
• Pat dry your brows immediately after if you wet it or sweat
• Apply aftercare cream 4 times a day
• Do scratch your eyebrows as it might itch a little as it peels on the 4th day and let it peel naturally
• Avoid makeup and skin care products on your eyebrows for 1 week

$5 Service Voucher when you click on the link below:

Beauty Recipe
Jurong East Outlet
Blk 104 Jurong East
St 13 #01-102,
Singapore 600104
Tel: 6567 3568
Monday – Saturday (10am – 8pm) Sunday (CLOSED)

Marina Parade Outlet
Marine Parade Central Shopping Centre
(call them for exact address and directions)
Tel: 9859 3982
Monday – Sunday (11am – 8pm)

Orchard Gateway Outlet
277 Orchard Road,
Orchard Gateway #B2-01
238858 Singapore
Tel: 6702 3062
Monday – Sunday (11am – 9pm)

About Beauty Recipe:

Beauty Recipe is most well known for our Korean Semi Permanent Makeup Services. Other than being a government approved training provider with students from all over the world. They use organic pigment colors from Korea, fully plant based therefore it will not cause harm to skin or have color change overtime. With focus on the Most Natural Comfortable Human Eyelash Extensions in Singapore, they also have other Nails, hair removal and beauty services.

Beauty Recipe is own by Award Winning Blogger, Jessie Ting – Best Beauty Blog Singapore Blog Awards 2014. Being a Beauty Expert and always being in the Beauty forefront, Jessie aims to bring the best quality and latest beauty treats and technology to you through Beauty Recipe at affordable prices. Beauty Recipe also won Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award for their innovation, quality and good customer services.


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