10 Simple Facts on Chin Augmentation with Dr. Yu, ACME Taipei!

1. What are the different ways of Chin Augmentation besides fillers?
Chin augmentation can be performed with fillers, implants and osteotomy (fracture the bone, reposition and fix it.

2. What is the best way and why do you recommend it?

As a surgeon, I suggest chin augmentation with implants. Cause it provides stable result. However, lots of customers are frightened of the problems about surgery, such as anesthesia, recovery time, post-operative self-care, oral hygiene and pain.

3. Who are the ones who will benefit most from Chin Augmentation?
Any one who wants to improved their jaw line, especially those who with chin retruted.

4. How long will Chin Augmentation last?
Mainly depended on the material. For Medpor, it could last forever.

5. What are the factors you look out for?
Patient’s wish, facial proportion and profile, chine deviation and oral occlusion all matter.

6. What is the sequence of the procedure?

  • Anesthesia. 
  • Infiltrate the mucosa with local anesthesia and epinephrine. Wait until it works. 
  • Vestibular incision. Muscle split. Sub-periosteal dissection. 
  • Shaping the implant to fit the bone contour. 
  • Screw fixation. 
  • Antibiotics solution irritation of the wound. Suction all the debris out. 
  • Mucosal closure. Skin taping. 

7. What is the duration?
Usually within 1 hour.

8. What is the down time?
The recovery time (down time) is about 2 weeks to 1 month.

9. How do we take care ourselves after the surgery in terms of food and activity?

  • Oral hygiene: antiseptic mouthwash every 2 hours. 
  • Take oral antibiotics. 
  • Low-residue diet. 
  • Regular sleep. 
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, 2nd handed smoke and nicotine. 
10. How long does it takes for the chin to look natural?
About 2 to 3 months.

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