Double Eyelid Surgery at Allure Plastic Surgery! Blink Blink!

Last year I landed right in Allure Plastic Surgery Clinic to have bigger eyes with a epicantoplasty and Triple Suture Technique procedure for my double eyelid. After close to year I am back again and I am sure Dr. Samuel Ho would not fail me as usual.
Read more of what I did previously here.
Back in 2016 before the epicantoplasty and Triple Suture Technique procedure for my double eyelid.
The epicantoplasty had indeed widened my eyes and love how it looked bigger with my falsies when I put on my makeup. Previously I had my double eyelid thickened to 8mm but apparently my right eye had always been the fatter and heavier lid and the stitches could not hold it for long even after Dr. Samuel had skilfully done it twice. 
This was how I looked in 2016 one week after the surgery with the stitches removed.
This time I decided to have this resolved by cutting it. This would meant that instead of the one week plus downtime, I would need at least a month or two to look natural but this would be all worth it, just in time once again before my birthday in June.
This was how I looked right before the surgery.
Things to take note on Surgery: 
1. Do not drive
2. Fast 2 hours before surgery, no food and drinks only sip of water allow.
3. Wear flats, comfortable  & loose clothing, no high heels.
4. For ladies: no make up, no fake eyelashes, no nails polish (keep 2 finger nail clear at least).
5. No contact lens, please bring along your glasses if you are short sighted. 
6. Keep all accessories and valuables at home.
7. Inform a friend/family member to pick you up
Having some photos taken and putting on a surgery cap with a clean no makeup face while waiting for Dr. Samuel to come by.
Dr. Samuel showed the recommended thickness after analyzing my eyes and my usual makeup habits. I was happy with what I saw.

Dr. Samuel went on to make the markings according to what was recommended.

I was lightly sedated and woke up about one hour later. During the course of the surgery, I could feel slight pain of my eyes being cut. I was then told to open and close my eyes a couple of times. There was a tape over my eyes to cover my wound right after the surgery. 

The eyes had some swelling which was norm. The pain was definitely manageable except that I could not really look up and still feeling sleepy from the operation.

These were the skin and fats removed from my eyelid and you could see that my right had much more to be taken out.

I was blessed to have a nice friend coming by to pick me and brought me for lunch before sending me back home. I had a week dose of oral antibiotics (2 times a day) , painkillers and antibiotics cream to apply 3 times a day. 
Post Surgery care 
1. Ice packing every hourly once for 5-10 mins
2. No exercise for 2-3 weeks at least, strenuous exercise can only resume after 4-6 weeks. 
3. No make up for a week. (For lady)
4. Elevate your head when you sleep on the 1st few days after the surgery.
5. You can resume work by 3-4 days after the surgery depending on your comfort level.
6. Do not carry heavy things or bend forward lower than heart.
7.No drinking of alcohol for at least a week.
8.Avoid seafood and Slice fish soup (Toman/snakehead fish- commonly found in food court)
Day 2 : The swell had decreased as I had diligently used ice packs to reduce the swell.

Day 3: Went back to the clinic to remove the tape.

Now I felt so much easier to move around my eyes. However I would have to be back on Day 6 to remove the stitches.

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6: In the meantime, I was wearing shades daily as I felt more comfortable since the swell was still there.

Day 6: Removal of  stitch in less than 3 mins!

Presenting my new look but this would not be the final as it would take about a month or two to look more natural.

Dr. Samuel took a look at my stage of recovery and happy with what he saw. He further prescribed me with the scar cream to aid the recovery process.

I did a quick summary of Day 1 to 6 for your comparison.
A pre and post surgery photo.
Day 7 of how I looked after makeup application with eyeliner and false lashes. 
It would definitely looked more settled as time goes by. Stay tuned to my blog for further updates!

Wanna know more? Feel free to contact Allure Plastic Surgery Clinic and mentioned “Celestia” for special services or you could email me at celestiafaithchong@gmail.com or pm me if you like to know more on how I felt on this surgery!
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