Reno Letdown with a New Positive Charge: Week 3 vs Week 52 (August 2023 vs April 2024)

Week 3 (When I was so overjoyed)

Week 52 (A New Start with Godesign )

As I sit down to write this blog entry, I can’t help but feel a mixture of emotions—relief, gratitude, and a lingering sense of disappointment. You see, my journey with an interior design company has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns that have tested my patience and resolve. And today, I feel compelled to share my story, not only as a form of catharsis but also as a cautionary tale for anyone embarking on their own home renovation journey.

Let me paint you a picture of my current situation. I am a homeowner residing in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, blessed with a growing family and a deep love for creating cherished memories within the walls of our home. For us, our living space is more than just a place to rest our heads; it’s a sanctuary where we come together to cook, laugh, and host friends. So when I took possession of my keys back in November 2022, I was filled with excitement and anticipation, eagerly awaiting the transformation of our humble abode into a haven of comfort and style.

Enter the interior designer (ID) company that initially promised to turn our dreams into reality, offering full sponsorship for the project. However, what began as a partnership brimming with potential soon unraveled into a nightmare of missed deadlines, broken promises, and mounting frustration. As financial constraints plagued the company, our once-vibrant collaboration ground to a halt, leaving our home in a state of disarray with unfinished carpentry work and bare ceilings serving as stark reminders of our dashed hopes.

Despite my best efforts to salvage the situation, months passed with little progress and dwindling communication from the ID company. I found myself caught in a web of excuses, delays, and unresolved issues, each day bringing fresh challenges and setbacks. The toll it took on me—both personally and professionally—was immense, affecting not only my home but also my credibility as an influencer based in Tanjong Pagar.

I won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details of every missed appointment and broken promise, but suffice it to say, the journey was riddled with red flags from the very beginning. From unexplained delays to sudden changes in plans, it became increasingly clear that this partnership was doomed from the start.

And yet, amidst the chaos and disappointment, there emerged a glimmer of hope—a beacon of light in the form of Patrick from GoDesign. Despite being turned away by other companies daunted by the complexities of our project, Patrick stepped up to the challenge with unwavering enthusiasm and expertise. His passion for interior design, coupled with his commitment to excellence, breathed new life into our renovation plans, restoring my faith in the process.

As I look ahead to the next chapter of this journey, I am filled with gratitude for the lessons learned and the unwavering support of those who stood by me during the darkest of times. And while the road ahead may still be fraught with challenges, I take solace in knowing that with Patrick and GoDesign by my side, I am in capable hands.

So to anyone embarking on their own home renovation adventure, I offer this piece of advice—trust your instincts, heed the warning signs, and never settle for anything less than excellence. For in the end, it’s not just about creating a beautiful space; it’s about crafting a home filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

To all brands who share our passion and vision, we extend a warm invitation to connect with us. Let’s collaborate and create something truly remarkable together!

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Together, let’s make magic happen!


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