Prince Lowe 满月 at Tampines Safra on 1 December 2013

This was one of the first photo way back in 2006. Time flies and my dear Julie had join Motherhood club. Its really a joy and excitement to be witnessing our personal milestones in life. We were still happily partying and ktving away then. Oh gosh…

Here’s Julie with the love of her life Joey. I felt so especially blessed to be tasked in helping her with her maternity photos. Thank you so much my dear!

Here’s the MAN! Prince Lowe Tang with big round eyes and looking so alert. Carrying newborn never fails to melt me. Just love the smell of a baby with their innocence aura and the feel of their skin. Aww…

Me and proud Mummy Julie carrying Prince Lowe with our dear Eve. Do we look better now? Hahaha…  Ok I know, I am now an official auntie of 3 angels. The radiant throne shall hand over to Julie and Eve. Plus, I am no longer in my blue contact lens.. LOL…

My 3 angels having loads of fun in the bouncing castle. Good idea Julie! This means I can idle and chill while they sweat it out.

Stealing a shot with Prince Lowe and the 3 kids. Never enough of carrying and taking photos with him.

My cheeky trios but mummy still love you to the moon and back alright. 🙂 Muacks!

Star struck with Jacelyn Tan! Happy to have met you finally after following you on FB for some time. You are a very approachable and humble person despite your cool outlook plus a wonderful mummy. Nice chatting with you on our kids. Chloez was elated to have met you as she remembered you as one of the 小小传奇 character.

Star struck 2: Belinda Lee. She was having her food as I approached her but obliged happily with a smile. She has a warm personality just like what I seen her on the set. Feeling so fat right beside her though. Love the her food show with Leslie Tay. Food… Yummy… Hahaha…

Star Struck 3: China beauty Zhou Ying. Really a pretty and well groomed babe. Looking forward to more shows from you!

Ending the session with the Tang family of course! Thank you for your invitation and enjoy your parenthood bliss!


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