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It had never occurred to me again that I would be doing eyebrow embroidery despite my mom been having it for years. The main reason is very simple. It simply looked too unnatural and I heard about all the horror stories that women do have to bear with the pain just to have it. Plus many I saw did not have natural brows. I rather not risk it and decide to draw my brows daily. To me, brows are an important asset to the facial features and no way and I meant NO WAY am I going to be looking like some weirdo walking on the street especially I am an image consultant and enjoy looking beautiful as woman.
I was shown several photos of the final work and with the utmost trust from GotIdeas. I decided to take the plunge. My earlier plunge was doing eyeliner embroidery which I came today to do the touchup.
So here I was at Beauty Hope ! Please do not judge what you see on the exterior for its the professional skills and service plus the affordable rate that makes the experience complete.
I was told not to put on any makeup so please bear with my nude face. I’m sure the difference would be significant with nice arch brows.

I was attended by pretty Elicer who started by trimming my brows without removing my natural ones. Just in case that you were thinking that the brows would be clean shaven. I was glad to retain our original ones though. Kekeke… I had to ask her before she start for the worry that my original brows would be gone.

Next, she drew my brows to a suitable shape for me. She shared that everyone of us are unique and based on our facial bones and face shape, the shape of the brows were pretty much fixed. my request was not to look like the next Korean star with the straight brows which would invariably be out of trend in the next one year or so but a shape that would last me for many years to come that would complement my feature. Fads are temporary but Classic is timeless.

After drawing, she verified to ensure that the brows would not end longer than it should be.

Elicer explained to me with a mirror on why this shape was drawn before she start.

This brows looked all good to get started!

A cream was applied to my brows and covered with a tape for 20 mins before we start. 20 mins later, Elicer began! Well, I did not feel anything except for a sand scratching sound.

It took about 10 to 15 mins each side and I fell asleep during the interval.

Last check was done before she handed me the mirror to take a look at my new found brows.

I was given a cream to be applied day and night for my brows and eyeliner. I would need to be careful with my brows and eyeliner not to have contact with the shampoo. Water is fine which I just need to dab it dry. I was told that the colour would be darker on day 2 which looked the same to me. Colour would gradually lighted by day 10.

Check out the difference! 
I felt so excited for the colour to slowly fade to a lighter tone when it would look more natural. Based on past feedback, these should last about 3 to 4 years with touchup. I was told to be back one month later for the touchup. I will continue to update this blog with more photos of my touchup.

Special credits to Elicer for beautifying me with the embroidery brows!

From left: Elicer (Beauty Hope), Joselyn (GotIdeas), Jess (Sweet Lady who helped me with my eyeliner embrodiery from Beauty Hope) and myself with my new brows and touched up eyeliner of course!

Well ladies and gentlemen, you saw the full simple process of how I got my eyebrows and I am sure you are keen too!

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