WOWA (Women of Wealth & Abundance) – Featured Speaker Lynn Rose!

In celebration of the upcoming WOWA event which msbabelovebebes is involved in, I am honoured to be able to going up close and personal with the speakers.  2 full days of inspiration, transformation and empowerment with Randi Zuckerberg Facebook Director Marketing and many more key speakers

I would be interviewing 3 amazing speakers with 3 questions posed to each. You are welcome to post any other questions you may have for the speaker or this event here.

Details of the event:
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo
(Roselle Room 4th Flr.)
Date: 12-13 March 2016
Guest of Honor: TBA
Celebrated VIP Guests – Empowering Speakers

Variety of Attendees Including
Business Leaders • Entrepreneurs • CEO’s • Executives Professionals • Non-Professional • Media • Mothers • Health & Wellness Community Empowered Women • Goverment Ministries

Register your attendance at: http://wowalive.com/
So do come by and say hi to me at msbabelovebebes booth!

Presenting the 1st Featured Speaker: Lynn Rose

(a) What was the AHA moment that changed your life to what you are today?

I had a series of challenges growing up that impacted me as an adult to where, coming off of a Broadway show that ended suddenly, I ended up getting completely shut down internally and externally. I could no longer sing, I lost all confidence and ability and had to go be a waitress and leave the entertainment world.

It took two years to recover and be able to find my voice and find my confidence again but once I did, I did so from a new place – from a place of letting myself be seen for who I am, of powerfully connecting and of taking on what I wanted to do, of ‘doing my thing’, whether it was as good as someone else or not (as before the shut down period, I had long stopped myself from ever even attempting to sing blues and contemporary songs – only soprano kind of singing because my sister was such an amazing singer), or whether I would get a booking or not.

As a result, I ended up completely upleveling my talents and abilities and learned about the power of letting down our walls. They weren’t protecting me, they were more slowly deteriorating who I was inside and blocking my gifts. Once allowing myself to be seen and to shine I was able to make huge impact and to enjoy the joy of singing fully and the confidence of speaking to thousands at a time or doing television or radio that went out to millions.

Now my work is committed to helping others break out of their shell or whatever walls they may have that has been stopping them or holding them back. I do that for people in the world of speaking from the inside out training, bringing forth people’s essence and core message through done for you marketing, message and media creation and through personal transformation through my programs.

The joy of knowing I’ve impacted so many lives that have allowed them to go on and impact others, creating that ripple effect, is powerful. Receiving letters ten years later that let me know how that one training from me has continued to stay with them and direct their life. Amazing.

We all have walls, its part of being human, but I think the REAL “WOW” for ourselves and others is when we pursue our life, our interests and our business “With-Out Walls” (Acronym for WOW). When we let our gifts come through, when we know how to manage fear, judgment, doubt and comparison and can navigate around it in order to let our brilliance shine.

(b) What 3 mottos do you live by when faced with challenges?
1) I live by FOCUSING my attention towards what will serve me rather than disturb me. So, instead of getting caught in angst or resistance around a challenge, I let myself look at it head on and not get caught up in the ‘story of reaction’ to it, but rather, what needs to happen now to move through this. Stay focused on the good in my life, even while within whatever challenge, focus on the vision for my life and let that pull me, including if it means moving through the challenge, and stay focused on who I am and the strength and power of my abilities, my caring heart and my wisdom I have to offer. This lets me stay calm while in chaos, stay happy when moving thru anger or sadness and stay peaceful even when encountering stressful situations.
FOCUS is an acronym for: Following On Course Until Successful

2) I had to learn how to navigate through FEAR as it became so overwhelming and overpowering it stopped me from living my dream. It kept me from doing the very thing I’m on this planet to do – until I learned how to dance with it. So now I may see fear come up for me as it often does but I laugh at it, say ‘hello’ to it and let it live to the side while I continue to do what I’m here to do. “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. Its true and it works.
Feel Everything And Rise – an acronym for “FEAR

3) “Git ‘er done” is a fun way I like to call, ‘taking action‘. And to let myself take imperfect action. The ONLY way I can get around my perfectionism which would otherwise keep me from moving forward. Challenges must be faced and too often we want to distract ourselves from dealing with it or exploring options, etc. Or ‘trying to get it right’. Whereas we really need to release our chokehold on ourselves in our pursuit of perfection and do the best we can from as purposeful a place as we can. Purposeful, imperfect Action.
I have often said, If you want to reap, you’ve got to take the leap. I love that saying that I came up with – however, I love THIS version of it even better:
“Take action now if you want to WOW”

(c) An inspirational quote to motivate the ladies out there!

“Its never too late to become who you might have been” – George Eliot

My own is: “Take action NOW if you want to WOW” – Lynn Rose

Free for msbabelovebebes readers, 

Lynn would be giving a free song about standing in your power called “Stand Up” and also her free visioning process called “Your Defining Moment” – just go to: www.LynnRose.com and hit download button there in order to receive it.

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