My Journey to a Slimmer Face Thru Chin Augmentation and ThreadLift ! – Part 1 of 2

Entrusting our face and our life to a stranger is never an easy decision to make. I was blessed way back 2 years ago I found ACME and Young Shine Clinic who worked hand in hand in helping to enhance me bit by bit through the years. I started with Young Shine Clinic doing facial threadlift with Dr Jenny and progressed to doing breast augmentation after a long discussion with the marketing and Dr Yu from ACME. 
Threadlift (2016)
Not a minor surgery afterall and I had nightmares from people I known even if they do it in Korea or elsewhere. With my 3 angels in mind, whichever decision I made need to be a well thought off one. Looking good is one thing but being alive for them is another. I must say besides having a successful surgery, I had received positive feedback from both gender on my breasts looking natural. This surgery had increased my confidence by loads and improved my life quality by heaps. You could read more about it on the links below.
Breast Augmentation (2016)
Many a times I had been approached to rectify my chubby face with fillers and botox but then to me I would rather prefer a longer term solution which would meant plastic surgery. Since young, I am always the hamburger faced ugly gal which small eyes and hairy body. Always teased cos of how I looked and had terrible skin due to my childhood eczema which did not help even after going to both government and private clinics. I even need doctor letter to exempt me from wearing sport shoes with socks when I started work earlier in Giordano.
In 2018, I decided to do something to my hamburger face. A face which I always have to tilt an angle for the camera, many a times to use photo editing app to adjust before posting. In another words, I wanna stop looking like a hamster. Well, there might be a portion of you who may say just be confident in your own skin and age gracefully. 
For me, I believe in otherwise. I do not seek beauty perfection to look like another movie star or idol. I seek to achieve an enhanced version of myself. To still be the Celestia Faith Chong who had the passion in life. To wanna make a difference to other women or people in need out there. You may think its total vanity. Let me tell you this. Humans are all born to love beauty and vanity. We are are  blessed with this gift of appreciating beauty and for me it is about loving oneself. Embracing and enhancing our beauty in moderation.
Enough said for I am not here to justify my actions to Chin Augmentation but to share rather for people out there who might be keen to do this surgery. I had crafted some questions with Dr. Yu in a separate posts. You may want to head over to read through it to have a layman perspective of this surgery. I will also be sharing on my love handle lipo experience on a separate post.
This was me looking all fresh before the surgery feeling really excited to meet Dr Yu again!
Consultation before the surgery starts… Dr Yu explaining the options that I have to enhance my face shape and emphasize that I would have to accept a change with my face shape after the implant.
This was how I looked before the surgery.

Dr Yu making some markings to prep for the surgery.

And the surgery begins…
I have 4 of these to fix my implant!

This was the Mepor implant fixed to my chin now…

Source: http://www.stryker.com/latm/products/Craniomaxillofacial/MEDPOR/MEDPORFacialControurImplants/index.htm

“MEDPOR Facial Contour Overview
The MEDPOR Facial Contour are designed for reconstruction and augmentation of the orbit, midface, ear, nose, chin, and mandible providing solutions for a variety of facial contouring needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven material has a long history of craniofacial augmentation and reconstruction
  • Interconnected, omni-directional pore structure promotes native tissue in-growth for enhanced biocompatibility
  • Implants may be contoured with surgical scissors, scissors, or a burr in the sterile field to fit the individual needs of each patient
  • Re-sterilizable and reusable silicone sizer sets are available for many implants ensuring that the proper sized implant is chosen for each patient
  • Material allows surgeon flexibility with fixation”

After a close to 2 hour surgery, I woke up looking like this. Dr Yu mentioned that this was not too bad for an after surgery as my face was not that swollen. The tape was placed to reduce the swollen and also to keep the implant in place. I felt restriction in the facial movement and unable to talk to laugh with ease. There was also a feeling of the chin being pulled down. The teeth also felt sore but its supposed to be normal.

Woke up feeling hungry and managed to finish half of the porridge served. I was given a week of antibiotics, painkillers and gastric medication to be taken 4 times a day. After a good sleep, I took the train back on my own to the hotel which was just a few stops away.

Some areas to take note of based on what was advise and my experience:

  • no spicy food
  • no alcohol
  • no hot food
  • softer food or liquid diet would be easier to eat else it tends to get stucked at behind the lower lip area which could be pretty uncomfortable
  • rinse and gargle the mouth every 2 hours to prevent infection
  • using of soft toothbrush
  • cold press when possible to reduce the swell
  • no exercise for a month

On Day 2, I was required to go back to the clinic for a review with Dr. Yu and also on an antibiotic drip for about 20 mins.

On Day 3, I proceed to Young Shin Clinic I had minor enhancement made which just took me less than 2 hours.

I was first placed on drip and numbing cream on my face for about 20 mins.

Had some shots of anesthesia before the threadlift starts to reduce the uncomfort level.

These were how the threads looked like. I had 2 threads on the left and 2 on the right of my face to give a slimmer effect look. Only 2 threads used each side since I had the chin augmentation done.

There was also some Hya-Dermis fillers used on my forehead and side tempers about 4cc. to balance up my features. This fillers were supposed to last longer up to a year and had received many positive reviews to date. I decided to give it a go after some reassurance from Dr Jenny even though I was not exactly an injectibles person.

Thank you Dr. Jenny once again for doing your very best to enhance how I look. Not forgetting pampering me with all the wagyu beef feasting and gifting me with some of your brand new wardrobe to keep me warm during the trip.

My Day 4 ended right back in Singapore where I was able to resume work immediately after touch down. The following photos would continue to record my recovery process for the next few months. 

Please bear with my eyes as I had double eyelids surgery done on Day 7. The tape from the chin was removed and I certainly like what I saw.

On the day 8, I had stopped taking any painkillers. This would be the time that I feel the uncomfort part starts setting in. Enough for me to feel conscious about it and not have exaggerated facial expressions or laughing out loud like I usually would. I would say that I still feel that my jaw felt slight sore and pulled down. The teeth had a feeling of being loose and uncomfortable which was supposed to be norm. The patch of light yellow bruise on my neck was also still visible.
But on the whole, my face was not very swollen since Day 1.

The swell would gradually go off in the next 2 months and would look natural by the next 3 to 6 months. Continue to follow my blog for more updates on my recovery! You could also email me if you like to join me in my next beauty trip!

There would be another thread with Q&A with Dr. Yu.

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